PSA 10 Derek Jeter 1993 SP Sells for Over $99k

Derek Jeter 1993 SP #279
Derek Jeter 1993 SP #279

Sold: May 16, 2018
# of Bids: 148
Final Price: $99,100

The Derek Jeter 1993 SP rookie card continues to gain momentum. With 13,690 total examples graded by PSA to date, just 22 have been slabbed 10s.1 This tiny number is testament to the ultra condition sensitivity of 1993 SP. With full foil fronts that go all the way to the edges of the cards, they’re susceptible to chips and scratches. This is why the majority of submissions come back as 7s and 8s.

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  1. PSA Population Report: 1993 SP. ↩︎

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