Bulk Order Price SheetCase Increments (Case = 100 packs)
ProductPcs/pk12345 or more
Fitted Toploader Bags 35-100pt100$4.69/pk$4.59/pk$4.49/pk$4.39/pk$4.29/pk
Fitted Toploader Bags 120-180pt100$4.29/pk$4.19/pk$4.09/pk$3.99/pk$3.89/pk
Fitted One Touch Magnetics Bags 35pt100$4.29/pk$4.19/pk$4.09/pk$3.39/pk$3.89/pk
Fitted Team Bags100$3.19/pk$3.09/pk$2.99/pk$2.89/pk$2.79/pk
Fitted BGS Graded Card Bags100$5.59/pk$5.49/pk$5.39/pk$5.29/pk$5.19/pk
Fitted CSG Graded Card Bags100$5.59/pk$5.49/pk$5.39/pk$5.29/pk$5.19/pk
Fitted GMA Graded Card Bags100$5.19/pk$5.09/pk$4.99/pk$4.89/pk$4.79/pk
Fitted PSA Graded Card Bags100$5.59/pk$5.49/pk$5.39/pk$5.29/pk$5.19/pk
Fitted PSA Graded Card Bags Thick100$5.59/pk$5.49/pk$5.39/pk$5.29/pk$5.19/pk
Fitted SGC Graded Card Bags100$5.59/pk$5.49/pk$5.39/pk$5.29/pk$5.19/pk
Fitted Card Saver 1 Bags100$4.79/pk$4.69/pk$4.59/pk$4.49/pk$4.39/pk
Fitted Card Saver 2 Bags100$4.29/pk$4.19/pk$4.09/pk$3.99/pk$3.89/pk
Bulk Order Price Sheet
Adhesive Box Label Covers (for 3200, 5000, and Super Shoe Boxes)20Discontinued but available upon request (MOQ: 100pks)

Order Information:

  • To order, please send us a message with your order details through our Contact Us page and in the title put, “Bulk Order, [company name], [date]”
  • Once received, we’ll produce an invoice
  • All invoices include a line item for the Texas Sales Tax rate of 8.25%
  • We can make any quantity of anything you want. Just tell us what you need and we’ll get it done.
  • Case orders are drop-shipped from our production studio.
  • Shipping is $45/case
  • Lead time: Since bulk orders are prepared on a Just-In-Time (JIT) bases (produced when ordered), please allow 32-55 days for manufacturing and delivery.

Product Branding:

  • For an additional fee, all products can be branded with your logo. Request pricing via our Contact Us page.

Prices are based on materials and production costs, and subject to change.