Note: Case increments are dependent on product.

  • All Graded Card and Card Saver bags come 80pks per case
  • Everything else is 120pks per case
Radicards, LLC Bulk Order Price SheetCase Increments
Product12345 or more
Fitted Toploader Bags 20-100pt$4.29/pk$4.19/pk$4.09/pk$3.99/pk$3.89/pk
Fitted Toploader Bags 120-180pt$4.29/pk$4.19/pk$4.09/pk$3.99/pk$3.89/pk
Fitted One Touch Magnetics Bags 35pt$4.29/pk$4.19/pk$4.09/pk$3.99/pk$3.89/pk
Fitted Mini Snap Case Bags 20pt$2.99/pk$2.89/pk$2.79/pk$2.69/pk$2.59/pk
Fitted BGS Graded Card Bags$5.09/pk$4.99/pk$4.89/pk$4.79/pk$4.69/pk
Fitted GMA Graded Card Bags$5.09/pk$4.99/pk$4.89/pk$4.79/pk$4.69/pk
Fitted PSA Graded Card Bags$5.19/pk$5.09/pk$4.99/pk$4.89/pk$4.79/pk
Fitted PSA Graded Card Bags Thick$5.09/pk$4.99/pk$4.89/pk$4.79/pk$4.69/pk
Fitted SGC Graded Card Bags$5.09/pk$4.99/pk$4.89/pk$4.79/pk$4.69/pk
Fitted Card Saver 1 Bags$4.79/pk$4.69/pk$4.59/pk$4.49/pk$4.39/pk
Fitted Card Saver 2 Bags$4.29/pk$4.19/pk$4.09/pk$3.99/pk$3.89/pk
Adhesive Box Label CoversDeprecated but available upon request

Prices subject to change based on production costs*

Order Information:

  • All invoices include a line item for the Texas Sales Tax rate of 8.25%
  • Aside from Box Label Covers (which come in packs of 20), 1 pack = 100 pcs; 1 case = 120 packs
  • We can make any quantity of anything you want. Just tell us what you need and we’ll get it done.
  • Shipping is $25/case

Product Branding:

  • For an additional fee, all products can be branded with your logo. Request pricing via our Contact Us page.