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Last Updated: 12/8/2019

Since 2010, collectors have been visiting for information, entertainment, and education and the site's become known as a leader in the sports card information category.

We understand not every business requires the same sponsorship services, which is why we offer unique services coupled together, or á la carte so you can pick and choose which one works best for you. If you have a unique need for a specific type of promotion, let us know and we'll work with you to create the right arrangement for your brand.

The following is a detailed description of our Sponsored Content offerings, which include:

  1. Banner Ads
  2. Written Promotions
  3. Backlinks
  4. Infographics
  5. Audio Promotions
  6. Video Promotions
  7. Email Promotions

When ready, let us know what you'd like. We look forward to helping your brand gain more exposure.
Please note: While we listen to all offers, ad content related to sports cards is the best match for us.

1. Banner Ads:

Banner ads are great for gaining additional exposure for your brand. Each will link back to your desired location. Even if unclicked, the very nature of the banner ad acts as an additional reminder to visitors. The following is a list of the different styles of banner ads we offer. Have a look. Required format: .jpg.

*Note: Your ad won't contain our watermark.*

Radicards Ad Spot 724x90

724 x 90 Top of Page (Left)
$375 per month (up to 5 in rotation)

Radicards Ad Spot 190x90

190 x 90 Top of Page (Right)
$325 per month (up to 5 in rotation)
Note: The Paris spot is only available if the London spot is filled.

If both spots are available at the same time, they can be reserved together
$650 per month.

Radicards Ad Spot Location

Radicards Ad Spot 620x75

620 x 75 Above Article Title
$300 per month (up to 5 in rotation)

Radicards Ad Spot Location

Radicards Ad Spot 465x60

465 x 60 Above Article Title
$250 per month (up to 5 in rotation)

Radicards Ad Spot Location

Radicards Ad Spot 324x80

324 x 80 Right Sidebar
$190 per month / $325 exclusive (up to 3 in rotation)

Radicards Ad Spot Location

Radicards Ad Spot 160x140

160 x 140 Right Sidebar (4 spots available)
$200 per month / $350 exclusive (up to 3 in rotation)

Radicards Ad Spot Location

Radicards Ad Spot 160x250

157 x 250 Right Sidebar (4 spots available)
$220 per month / $395 exclusive (up to 3 in rotation)

Radicards Ad Spot Location

Radicards Ad Spot 160x599

160 x 599 Right Sidebar (2 spots available)
$395 per month (2 in rotation)

Radicards Ad Spot Location

Banner Ad Required Format: .jpg

Need Us To Create Your Banner Ad For You?

While it's easiest and most affordable for you to provide us with the artwork, we can design it for you. For this option, please provide as much information as you can about how you'd like it to look. Fee for this service is $150 per design. The first revision if free, with additional revisions at $25/ea.

Banner Ad Discounts and Other Notes

  • 12-month reservations come with a 10% discount
  • 5% discount for links back to us for reservation duration (max. total discount per month is $30)
  • While our banner rotation cap is 5, we offer exclusive spots for advertisers who wish to reserve extended stays.

Written, Backlinks, Infographics, Audio, Video, and Email Spots Also Available

In addition to banner ads, we offer a variety of other spots. Each serves a unique need and all (with the exception of email promotions), once published, are shared on our social media platforms with emphasis on Facebook, Twitter, and one prominent hobby forum. Please note that while some fees are one-time, others are re-occurring (per month). Stated.

*NOTE: Written Promotions and Infographics come with a one-time fee and a one-month reservation. After the one-month reservation period expires, site admins reserve the right to remove/disable the associated post at their discretion for any reason and without notice. Vendors can reinstate the associated post for an additional month of activity at the same/similar associated one-time cost.*

2. Written Promotions:

Articles are offered to give readers a bit more depth to your promotion delivery. This is a great way to emphasize details and has the strongest SEO potential among all other options listed here. To maximize reach, couple this option with an Audio, Video, and/or Email promotion. For this format, you provide the concept/content and media files (photos if they exist). For this promotion category, we offer two formats:

1. You do the work and send it to us.
You send us the content and media files just as you want them to be published and we drop it all into an article and publish it. Cost for this option: $250.

  • Length:
    • Up to 1000 words
    • Each word over 1000: $0.05
  • One backlink can be included at no additional cost

Submission Guidelines:

  • Written Content: For all written content, you can send it over as a Plain Text RTF file (preferred), or included in the body of your message.
  • Media Files: All media files must be sent as .jpg and no wider than 620px. If they are wider than that, please size them down to 620px before sending them to us. If they are smaller, please don't size them up. For all files sent that are wider than 620px or in a format other than .jpg, a $5 surcharge will be included on your invoice to cover the cost of image correcting. We recommend scanning between 300-600dpi. While we're pretty lenient about this, if the image doesn't meet our quality standards, we may ask you to provide a better quality image.
  • Links: Include Backlink and/or YouTube link instructions along with the links themselves. If linking out to anything, those links must direct to credible category-related content.
  • How to Send Content: When ready, send content over with layout instructions. All content must be sent via our Contact Us page, which is located in our website footer (scroll all the way down). Once received, we'll review your submission. If approved, we'll reply to arrange payment and begin preparing your article for publication.

2. We do the work for you.
You send us the concept idea with media files and we write, edit, and publish the article. Here's how the pricing works for this option:

  • Length:
    • Up to 800 words: $150
    • Each word over 800: $0.10
  • Time for writing, and photo editing (when applicable):
    • Hourly rate: $50 with a 1-hour minimum

550-word article that took 2.5 hours to draft: ($150 + ($50 x 2.5)) = $275

3. Backlinks:

For vendors interested in less depth, we also offer backlink promotions. A backlink is a link from our website to your website. Our fees are on a per link basis and vary depending on content type (Cornerstone or Non-Cornerstone).

Cornerstone content: These are authority articles with consistent traffic and strong credibility. These articles are thousands of words, heavily sourced, and have rich online footprints.
Non-Cornerstone content: Pretty much everything else.

  • $100 per month for Non-Cornerstone content
  • $350 per month for Cornerstone content

Please note: At this time, we do not offer backlinks on our product articles or global pages.

4. Infographics:

Infographics are graphic visual representations of data, information, and/or knowledge intended to provide a specific message clearly and quickly. You provide the infographic and we'll publish it in its own article. Required format: .jpg.

  • $250 for Infographic alone
  • $300 for Infographic with Backlink
5. Audio Promotions:

We use pro-audio recording equipment to enhance the quality of your promotion. These audio promotions are offered as drop-ins to our podcasts and end up on iTunes, YouTube, and as article embeds. This final product is shared on social media.

The price is $100 for up to 15 seconds and $7 per second after that. You provide the promotion script.

6. Video Promotions:

We offer isolated video promotions. Each video is uploaded to YouTube and shared on social media.

The price is $150/hour of work with a 1-hour of work minimum. You provide the written portion of the promotion and supplementary materials if they exist. The first revision if free, with additional revisions at $75/ea.

7. Email Promotions:

Sometimes we send emails to our distribution list and we offer promotion opportunities in these emails.


  • 264w x 200h in .jpg format (2 spots available): $150
  • 564w x 200h in .jpg format (1 spot available): $175


You provide us with the following:

  • The Preview Image in .jpg format (564w x 200h)
  • The YouTube Link (30-seconds max)
  • The Caption Text (two-sentence max)


If there's something you need that's not part of our advertising package, please let us know so we can work with you to create the right promotion strategy for your brand.

Note: Prices and terms may be subject to change but active vendors will be notified if they do.