1987 MSA Jiffy Pop Discs

Ryne Sandberg 1987 MSA Jiffy Pop Discs #1
Ryne Sandberg 1987 MSA Jiffy Pop Discs #1

1987 MSA Jiffy Pop Discs is a 20-disc set produced in conjunction with the MLBPA and Michael Schechter Associates. These 2-7/8″ discs were issued as singles in packs of Jiffy Pop popcorn and feature a baseball design. It’s a pretty simple set with a timely player roster. As with many food issues, this one isn’t terribly rare or valuable but they do present a nice combination of style and intrigue without making a fuss about it. I found this Ryne Sandberg in a bargain bin.


Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
1Ryne Sandberg11Lou Whitaker
2Dale Murphy12Roger Clemens
3Jack Morris13Lance Parrish
4Keith Hernandez14Rickey Henderson
5George Brett15Fernando Valenzuela
6Don Mattingly16Mike Schmidt
7Ozzie Smith17Darryl Strawberry
8Cal Ripken Jr.18Mike Scott
9Dwight Gooden19Jim Rice
10Pedro Guerrero20Wade Boggs
1987 MSA Jiffy Pop Discs

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