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About the Blog:

Welcome to; a site about statistics, mergers and acquisitions, negotiations, branding, design, and general humor, all within the context of sports cards. With the abundant history of childhood memories and stale bubblegum comes the nostalgic remembrance of years past. It’s the knowledge of yesterday that influences our outlook on tomorrow. Markets change, technologies date, and trends fade but one thing remains the same, the excitement of the find. Years pass and we get older but the feeling of digging through boxes and searching through packs has time stand still if only for that very moment. It’s that very moment to which Radicards® is dedicated.

Our Mission: To offer excellent service, fast shipping, sound judgement, and a commitment to honesty and integrity.

Enjoy collecting™,

Founder & Principal
Radicards, LLC | July 11, 2010-present
Collecting baseball cards since 1988

Patrick Greenough has a BA in Psychology, a BA in Sociology, and an MBA from the University of New Mexico. He also has a Project Management Certificate from UCLA Extension. He has lectured in Internet Marketing at the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics at California State University, Northridge. He is the author of, Student to Founder: Secrets to creating a student organization in college and starting a business after graduation, and has been featured on KOB-TV’s Good Day New Mexico, and in Albuquerque The Magazine. Patrick writes about business on his pro site, Other accolades include former sponsored skateboarder, award-winning artist, lead guitar player/performer, and Black Belt/former Instructor in Tae Kwon Do.

About the Museum:
ATTENTION: Nothing on this site is for sale or trade.
This Museum subsite exists for two reasons:

  1. To showcase the collection of Patrick Greenough: Founder & Principal, Radicards, LLC
  2. To act as a reference guide for other collectors.

The Museum is well organized. In addition to viewing galleries manually, you can run specific search queries using our Search Bar. In addition to titles, you can run the following search terms:

  • 1/1: Descriptive.
  • Aftermarket: This tag is assigned to images of cards that were altered in some way after they were released. This might include generic 1/1 references i.e., Diamond Edition, MasterpieceSet, etc.
  • Bankruptcy: This term will return images of cards that made it to market prematurely due to company bankruptcy.
  • Buyback: Companies sometimes buy some of their older cards back from the market, alter them in some way, and release them back into the market.
  • Cameo: These are cards of other players that depict Frank Thomas in the background.
  • Error: This includes misprints, miscuts, overprints and anything else in the manufacturing defects category.
  • Fake: Descriptive.
  • Jumbo: This includes any card larger than the standard-sized baseball card.
  • Mini: This includes any card smaller than the standard-sized baseball card.
  • Promo: This term will return images of prototypes, promos, previews, and samples.
  • Proof: This term will return images of cards in pre-final production stages.
  • R&N China: Any porcelain cards will be uncovered using this term.
  • Relic: The term will return images of anything with any piece of memorabilia embedded in the card. This includes game-used, commemorative, and manufactured.
  • Replacement: This term will return cards that don’t have serial numbers that otherwise should.
  • Signed: Descriptive.
  • Show Stamp: This includes anything that depicts a stamp from a convention or show.
  • Uncirculated: This includes box-toppers both sealed and unsealed.