Jose Canseco Truth or Dare Broder

Unlicensed Card featuring Jose Canseco & Madonna
Unlicensed Card featuring Jose Canseco & Madonna

Card of the Week:

Jose Canseco / Madonna broder

Just look at this card for a moment, I mean really look at it! Aside from this card being sought after by both Jose Canseco super collectors and Madonna enthusiasts, this card provides a wealth of information.

  1. Should be renamed: Canseco/Madonna – Roids or Boobs
  2. Bra’s off in support of both (read that anyway you wish)
  3. Canseco and Weiss meet with their PED supplier to discuss more important matters. (What’s that guy/girl doing there anyways and why is it wearing a tiara?)
  4. “Like a needle, pricked for the very first time”

Question of the Day:

Comment the first word that comes to mind when you think of Roger Clemens.

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