1990 Fleer Baseball Errors Checklist

Dave Martinez 1990 Fleer #353A
Dave Martinez 1990 Fleer #353A

1990 Fleer is a 660-card set issued in wax, cello, and rack packs, and hobby and retail factory sets. The set is organized alphabetically by team and associated player. Notable rookies include: Moises Alou, Juan Gonzalez, David Justice, Sammy Sosa, and Larry Walker. The set also includes a variety of interesting errors with some more obvious than others.

What’s Not Included in this Checklist:

  • Uncorrected Errors (UERs): These include minor typos on card backs and/or fronts. Since these cards were never corrected, they’re just the standard cards in the set.
  • Blank/Wrong Fronts/Backs: Examples beyond what’s stated are manufacturing scrap and weren’t issued in packs.

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Errors Checklist:

Card #Player(s)Error
162ACarmelo MartinezHyphen over ‘M’ in Carmelo
353ADave MartinezYellow 90
621AGeorge Bretthad 10 .390 hitting seasons (5th para)
624ACal Ripken Jr.Misspelled Ripkin
630AWill Clarktotal bases (32) (2nd para)
660AChecklistSmaller print on card front
1990 Fleer Errors

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