2014 Donruss Baseball Cards

2014 Donruss Baseball Cards
2014 Donruss Baseball Cards

Enter 2014 Donruss baseball cards. Over the years, a lot has happened with the Donruss name. Donruss, as a company, was purchased by the folks at Panini America and, to my understanding, many of those formerly employed by Donruss were brought over to join the team at Panini America. While this 2014 Donruss release holds the Donruss mark, it’s actually a Panini release and I think they did a fine job with it.

The design, both front and back, takes elements from the 1987 Donruss release and adds the modern touch of parallels and varied design updates as needed. The white cardstock and amazingly vibrant photography on these cards really makes them stand out. I like the simplicity here. It’s nothing too flashy. The high contrast colors make these cards easy to read and identify. I also like that the base cards are of standard 20pt thickness just like they were in the 1980s and 1990s.

Every card in this 355-card set has four unique parallels over the base card. You’ll notice some familiar titles brought back in 2014 Donruss. If you’re chasing the run of parallels for a specific player in the set, here’s what to expect:

  • Base: This is the standard card found in the set.
  • Press Proof Silver: These feature the words, “Press Proof” in holo-silver foil on the footer of the card fronts. These have a stated print run of 199.
  • Press Proof Gold: These feature the words, “Press Proof” in holo-gold foil on the footer of the card fronts. These have a stated print run of 99.
  • Stat Line Career: These are printed with a holo-foil finish and showcase the player’s career statistic on the footer of the card fronts. Print runs vary.
  • Stat Line Season: These are printed with a holo-foil finish and showcase the player’s single season statistic on the footer of the card fronts. Print runs vary.

Depending on the player, you may or may not run into challenges when pulling together a full run. Some of the Stat Line Season parallels have significantly minimal print runs, sometimes as little as just 3 copies. No matter the case, however, 2014 Donruss Baseball is sure to be an entertaining pursuit. For novice and seasoned collectors alike, 2014 Donruss Baseball is an excellent product with lots of interesting parallels and inserts. Try a box today.

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2014 Donruss
2014 Donruss

Set Information:

Important Date(s)
February 26, 2014Release Date
August 26, 2015Exchange Deadline
2014 Donruss
SetTotal CardsPrint Run(s)Odds
Press Proof Silver355199
Press Proof Gold35599
Stat Line Career3554-400
Stat Line Season3553-400
Bat Kings50
Bat Kings Studio Series5025
Breakout Hitters35
Breakout Pitchers35
Diamond King Box Toppers25
Diamond King Box Toppers Signatures24
Elite Dominator60999
Elite Dominator Signatures2910
Game Gear50
Game Gear Prime492-25
Hall Worthy15
Jersey Kings50
Jersey Kings Studio Series503-25
National Convention Rated Rookies3
No No’s10
Power Plus12
Power Plus Signatures195-25
Rated Rookie Materials1599
Rated Rookie Materials Prime1225Factory Sets
Recollection Buyback Autographs433-86
Classics Recollection Buyback Autographs11
Team MVPs30
The Elite Series50999
The Elite Series Signatures1710
The Rookies10042-100 in The Rookies Box
The Rookies Press Proof Silver25199
The Rookies Press Proof Gold2599
The Rookies Stat Line Career2523-400
The Rookies Stat Line Season2511-180
The Rookies Autographs72The Rookies Update
The Rookies Contenders Rookie Ticket Autographs24The Rookies Update
The Rookies Rookie Ticket1The Rookies Update
2014 Donruss

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