Michael Jordan and Cliff Floyd: An Image Comparison

Michael Jordan, Cliff Floyd

I thought of the idea for this post a few weeks ago. My buddy Anthony and I thought it would be pretty rad to compare these two cards.

He and I thought of this idea at the exact same time, kinda funny really. I wonder what the statistical probability is for two people having the exact same thought at the exact same time? That’s a different discussion all together. For now, let’s get to it!

These two cards are excellent for a number of reasons. The card on the left depicts basketball legend, Michael Jordan, dressed in classic ’94 White Sox attire but posed in a way that reflects his more familiar hoops roots i.e., he’s shooting a baseball like he would a basketball. I dig this shot, no pun intended.

In contrast, on the right you will find ’92 rookie phenom, Cliff Floyd dunking the baseball much like the symbolic Air Jordan brand logo you find plastered all over the Nike world. This too is a rad shot. He’s emulating the Jordan’s brand identity.

A comparison to the classic Nike Air Jordan logo, only flipped. This is an interesting comparison really, both MJ and CF are positioned almost identical to one another. I wonder if the ’92 Bowman Floyd pose was staged? ::thinking:: On that note, I wonder if any other pictures taken in the 1992 Bowman set were staged? (crickets or applause, insert your choice here). All in all, I love both of these cards and in my opinion, they are and will always be legendary.

Question of the Day:

What’s your favorite card from 1992 Bowman baseball?

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