1994 Ultra Rising Stars Baseball Cards

1994 Ultra Rising Stars Baseball Cards
1994 Ultra Rising Stars Baseball Cards

The 1994 Ultra Rising Stars set is a classic example of 1990s chase. This set features an attractive combination of flashy embossed backgrounds with glittery text. I personally love the planets theme here. This is the type of thing you simply don’t see in current product. It adds a nice touch to an already strong release. I think the glittering sparkles really gives this design that extra kick. In real life, these cards are simply beautiful. As usual, keep an eye out for these guys, they are often overlooked.


Set contains 12 cards. Inserted in packs of 1994 Ultra Series 2 at a rate of 1:36. Assuming an SRP of $1.50 upon this products release, it would cost you $54 to pull one of these gems. To pull any one player of your choice, you would have to open 432 packs which would set you back $648! Something to think about when you come across one of these in the $1 bins at your local hobby shop.

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Set Information:

Total CardsOdds
121:36 S2 Foil & Jumbo
1994 Ultra Rising Stars


Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
1Carlos Baerga7Kenny Lofton
2Jeff Bagwell8John Olerud
3Albert Belle9Mike Piazza
4Cliff Floyd10Kirk Rueter
5Travis Fryman11Tim Salmon
6Marquis Grissom12Aaron Sele
1994 Ultra Rising Stars


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