1999 Finest Baseball Cards

1999 Finest Baseball Cards
1999 Finest Baseball Cards

1999 Finest featured two parallels for each base card – a base refractor and a gold refractor. The base refractors aren’t serial numbered and inserted into packs at a rate of 1:12. The gold refractors are serial numbered to 100, feature a deckle edge with different insertion rates depending on release format.

In 1999, Topps was still featuring the etched design to its chrome cards. You’ll notice it showcased here by the etched outline to Damon’s silhouette. This subtle but important feature really makes the refractor parallels highly appealing. To enrich it even further, the gold parallels feature a deckled edge. Topps followed this up with its 2000 Finest Gold Refractor parallels but it hasn’t been revisited to any significant degree since, which I can appreciate. An uncommon theme that works needs not be beaten to death. The rare appeal of subtle design features emphasizes the concept of scarce desirability.

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1999 Finest sets itself apart from previous installments in that some of the key players in the base set roster are featured on up to 3 different cards. This adds a bit of excitement to the collectibility aspect while still keeping things relatively simple for player collectors. For Frank Thomas, I had to chase down 9 different cards (3 parallels for each of the 3 different designs). It took me a while to track down all three gold refractors. Picky collectors will ensure that all cards are unpeeled. I’m pretty picky but given the scarcity of the golds, I can live with peeled examples.

Something else to note here is that, aside from the base card, Topps made just two parallels for 1999 Finest. While this was the 7th installment of Finest and it was clearly a more complex release than its inaugural 1993 release, it was still somewhat easy to collect. The multiple parallel craze wouldn’t take full shape until the following decade – another reason to appreciate the 1990s; it was a simpler time.

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1999 Finest
1999 Finest

Set Information:

SetTotal CardsPrint Run(s)Odds
101-150; 251-300: 1:H/R; 2:HTA
Refractor3001:12 H/R; 1:5 HTA
Gold Refractor300100S1: 1:82; 1:38 HTA
S2: 1:57; 1:26 HTA
Complements14S2: 1:56; 1:27 HTA
Complements Dual Refractor7S2: 1:168; 1:81 HTA
Double Feature14S2: 1:56; 1:27 HTA
Double Feature Dual Refractor7S2: 1:168; 1:81 HTA
Franchise Records10S2: 1:129; 1:64 HTA
Franchise Records Refractor10S2: 1:378; 1:189 HTA
Future’s Finest10500S2: 1:171; 1:79 HTA
Hank Aaron Award Contenders9HA1-S2: 1:216; 1:108 HTA
HA2-S2: 1:108; 1:54 HTA
HA3-S2: 1:72; 1:36 HTA
HA4-S2: 1:54; 1:27 HTA
HA5-S2: 1:43; 1:21 HTA
HA6-S2: 1:36; 1:18 HTA
HA7-S2: 1:31; 1:15 HTA
HA8-S2: 1:27; 1:13 HTA
HA9-S2: 1:24; 1:12 HTA
Hank Aaron Award Contenders Refractor9HA1-S2: 1:1728; 1:864 HTA
HA2-S2: 1:864; 1:432 HTA
HA3-S2: 1:576; 1:288 HTA
HA4-S2: 1:432; 1:216 HTA
HA5-S2: 1:344; 1:172 HTA
HA6-S2: 1:288; 1:144 HTA
HA7-S2: 1:248; 1:124 HTA
HA8-S2: 1:216; 1:108 HTA
HA9-S2: 1:192; 1:96 HTA
Leading Indicators10S1: 1:24
HIT-S2: 1:29; 1:13 HTA
RBI-S2: 1:61; 1:28 HTA
HR-S2: 1:171; 1:79 HTA
2B-S2: 1:171; 1:79 HTA
Peel and Reveal Sparkle20S1: 1:30
Peel and Reveal Hyperplaid20S1: 1:60; 1:30 HTA
Peel and Reveal Stadium Stars20S1: 1:120; 1:60 HTA
Pre-Production6Issued as a set
Prominent Figures50HR /70
SLG /847
BAT /424
RBI /190
TB /457
HR-S1: 1:1749
SLG-S1: 1:145
BAT-S1: 1:289
RBI-S1: 1:644
TB-S1: 1:268
Split Screen28S1: 1:28
Split Screen Dual Refractor14S1: 1:82; 1:42 HTA
Team Finest Blue2015001-10 in S1: 1:82; 1:38 HTA
11-20 in S2: 1:57; 1:26 HTA
Team Finest Blue Refractor201501-10 in S1: 1:816; 1:377 HTA
11-20 in S2: 1:571; 1:263 HTA
Team Finest Red205001-10 in S1: 1:25 HTA
11-20 in S2: 1:18 HTA
Team Finest Red Refractor20501-10 in S1: 1:254 HTA
11-20 in S2: 1:182 HTA
Team Finest Gold202501-10 in S1: 1:51 HTA
11-20 in S2: 1:37 HTA
Team Finest Gold Refractor20251-10 in S1: 1:510 HTA
11-20 in S2: 1:369 HTA
1999 Finest

Base Set Checklist:

1999 Finest is a two-series, 300-card set issued by Topps in 6-card packs with an SRP of $5.00. The card design features player action shots printed on 27pt Chromium card stock. The base set includes the following subsets: Gems (101-120), Sensations (121-130), Rookies (131-150; 277-299), Sterling (251-265), and Gamers (266-276). Cards 101-150 and 251-300 were short printed. Card #300 is a tribute card featuring Hank Aaron and Mark McGwire. The base set includes 3 checklist cards – #CL1 Series 1 CL; #CL2 Series 2 CL, and #CL3 Insert Set CL – for a total of 303 cards. Parallel(s): Refractor and Gold Refractor /100. Key RCs: Pat Burrell, Austin Kearns, and Alfonso Soriano.

1999 Finest Baseball Cards
1999 Finest Baseball Cards

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Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
1Darin Erstad151Roger Clemens
2Javy Lopez152Jay Buhner
3Vinny Castilla153Brad Fullmer
4Jim Thome154Ray Lankford
5Tino Martinez155Jim Edmonds
6Mark Grace156Jason Giambi
7Shawn Green157Bret Boone
8Dustin Hermanson158Jeff Cirillo
9Kevin Young159Rickey Henderson
10Tony Clark160Edgar Martinez
11Scott Brosius161Ron Gant
12Craig Biggio162Mark Kotsay
13Brian McRae163Trevor Hoffman
14Chan Ho Park164Jason Schmidt
15Manny Ramirez165Brett Tomko
16Chipper Jones166David Ortiz
17Rico Brogna167Dean Palmer
18Quinton McCracken168Hideki Irabu
19J.T. Snow169Mike Cameron
20Tony Gwynn170Pedro Martinez
21Juan Guzman171Tom Goodwin
22John Valentin172Brian Hunter
23Rick Helling173Al Leiter
24Sandy Alomar Jr.174Charles Johnson
25Frank Thomas175Curt Schilling
26Jorge Posada176Robin Ventura
27Dmitri Young177Travis Lee
28Rick Reed178Jeff Shaw
29Kevin Tapani179Ugueth Urbina
30Troy Glaus180Roberto Alomar
31Kenny Rogers181Cliff Floyd
32Jeromy Burnitz182Adrian Beltre
33Mark Grudzielanek183Tony Womack
34Mike Mussina184Brian Jordan
35Scott Rolen185Randy Johnson
36Neifi Perez186Mickey Morandini
37Brad Radke187Todd Hundley
38Darryl Strawberry188Jose Valentin
39Robb Nen189Eric Davis
40Moises Alou190Ken Caminiti
41Eric Young191David Wells
42Livan Hernandez192Ryan Klesko
43John Wetteland193Garret Anderson
44Matt Lawton194Eric Karros
45Ben Grieve195Ivan Rodriguez
46Fernando Tatis196Aramis Ramirez
47Travis Fryman197Mike Lieberthal
48David Segui198Will Clark
49Bob Abreu199Rey Ordonez
50Nomar Garciaparra200Ken Griffey Jr.
51Paul O’Neill201Jose Guillen
52Jeff King202Scott Erickson
53Francisco Cordova203Paul Konerko
54John Olerud204Johnny Damon
55Vladimir Guerrero205Larry Walker
56Fernando Vina206Denny Neagle
57Shane Reynolds207Jose Offerman
58Chuck Finley208Andy Pettitte
59Rondell White209Bobby Jones
60Greg Vaughn210Kevin Brown
61Ryan Minor211John Smoltz
62Tom Gordon212Henry Rodriguez
63Damion Easley213Tim Belcher
64Ray Durham214Carlos Delgado
65Orlando Hernandez215Andruw Jones
66Bartolo Colon216Andy Benes
67Jaret Wright217Fred McGriff
68Royce Clayton218Edgar Renteria
69Tim Salmon219Miguel Tejada
70Mark McGwire220Bernie Williams
71Alex Gonzalez221Justin Thompson
72Tom Glavine222Marty Cordova
73David Justice223Delino DeShields
74Omar Vizquel224Ellis Burks
75Juan Gonzalez225Kenny Lofton
76Bobby Higginson226Steve Finley
77Todd Walker227Eric Chavez
78Dante Bichette228Jose Cruz Jr.
79Kevin Millwood229Marquis Grissom
80Roger Clemens230Jeff Bagwell
81Kerry Wood231Jose Canseco
82Cal Ripken Jr.232Edgardo Alfonzo
83Jay Bell233Richie Sexson
84Barry Bonds234Jeff Kent
85Alex Rodriguez235Rafael Palmeiro
86Doug Glanville236David Cone
87Jason Kendall237Gregg Jefferies
88Sean Casey238Mike Lansing
89Aaron Sele239Mariano Rivera
90Derek Jeter240Albert Belle
91Andy Ashby241Chuck Knoblauch
92Rusty Greer242Derek Bell
93Rod Beck243Pat Hentgen
94Matt Williams244Andres Galarraga
95Mike Piazza245Mo Vaughn
96Wally Joyner246Wade Boggs
97Barry Larkin247Devon White
98Eric Milton248Todd Helton
99Gary Sheffield249Raul Mondesi
100Greg Maddux250Sammy Sosa
101Ken Griffey Jr. GEM251Nomar Garciaparra ST
102Frank Thomas GEM252Mark McGwire ST
103Nomar Garciaparra GEM253Alex Rodriguez ST
104Mark McGwire GEM254Juan Gonzalez ST
105Alex Rodriguez GEM255Vladimir Guerrero ST
106Tony Gwynn GEM256Ken Griffey Jr. ST
107Juan Gonzalez GEM257Mike Piazza ST
108Jeff Bagwell GEM258Derek Jeter ST
109Sammy Sosa GEM259Albert Belle ST
110Vladimir Guerrero GEM260Greg Vaughn ST
111Roger Clemens GEM261Sammy Sosa ST
112Barry Bonds GEM262Greg Maddux ST
113Darin Erstad GEM263Frank Thomas ST
114Mike Piazza GEM264Mark Grace ST
115Derek Jeter GEM265Ivan Rodriguez ST
116Chipper Jones GEM266Roger Clemens GM
117Larry Walker GEM267Mo Vaughn GM
118Scott Rolen GEM268Jim Thome GM
119Cal Ripken Jr. GEM269Darin Erstad GM
120Greg Maddux GEM270Chipper Jones GM
121Troy Glaus SENS271Larry Walker GM
122Ben Grieve SENS272Cal Ripken Jr. GM
123Ryan Minor SENS273Scott Rolen GM
124Kerry Wood SENS274Randy Johnson GM
125Travis Lee SENS275Tony Gwynn GM
126Adrian Beltre SENS276Barry Bonds GM
127Brad Fullmer SENS277Sean Burroughs RC
128Aramis Ramirez SENS278J.M. Gold RC
129Eric Chavez SENS279Carlos Lee
130Todd Helton SENS280George Lombard
131Pat Burrell RC281Carlos Beltran
132Ryan Mills RC282Fernando Seguignol
133Austin Kearns RC283Eric Chavez
134Josh McKinley RC284Carlos Pena RC
135Adam Everett RC285Corey Patterson RC
136Marlon Anderson286Alfonso Soriano RC
137Bruce Chen287Nick Johnson RC
138Matt Clement288Jorge Toca RC
139Alex Gonzalez289A.J. Burnett RC
140Roy Halladay290Andy Brown RC
141Calvin Pickering291Doug Mientkiewicz RC
142Randy Wolf292Bobby Seay RC
143Ryan Anderson293Chip Ambres RC
144Ruben Mateo294C.C. Sabathia RC
145Alex Escobar RC295Choo Freeman RC
146Jeremy Giambi296Eric Valent RC
147Lance Berkman297Matt Belisle RC
148Michael Barrett298Jason Tyner RC
149Preston Wilson299Masao Kida RC
150Gabe Kapler300H.Aaron/M.McGwire
1999 Finest

See chart above for insertion ratios

Complements, Double Feature, and Split Screen:

The 1999 Finest inserts sets – Complements, Double Feature, and Split Screen – contain three versions of each card: one side refractor and other other side non-refractor, vice versa, and both sides refractor (Dual Refractor). The base sets show twice as many cards as their dual refractor parallel sets because they include the two different one-sided refractors.

1999 Finest Complements is a 7-card set that features two stars who complement each other’s skills.

K.Wood/R.Clemens 1999 Finest Complements #C3 Dual Refractor
K.Wood/R.Clemens 1999 Finest Complements #C3 Dual Refractor

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Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
1999 Finest Complements

Double Feature:

1999 Finest Double Feature is a 7-card set that features teammates who pair well together.

C.Biggio/J.Bagwell 1999 Finest Double Feature #DF4
C.Biggio/J.Bagwell 1999 Finest Double Feature #DF4

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1999 Finest Double Feature, click here.

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
DF1K.Griffey Jr./A.RodriguezDF5B.Grieve/E.Chavez
DF2C.Jones/A.JonesDF6A.Belle/C.Ripken Jr.
1999 Finest Double Feature

Split Screen:

1999 Finest Split Screen is a 14-card set that pairs two players together.

B.Grieve/T.Helton 1999 Finest Split Screen #SS13 Dual Refractor
B.Grieve/T.Helton 1999 Finest Split Screen #SS13 Dual Refractor

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1999 Finest Split Screen, click here.

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
SS2K.Griffey Jr./A.RodriguezSS9I.Rodriguez/M.Piazza
SS5C.Ripken Jr./T.GwynnSS12T.Glaus/E.Chavez
1999 Finest Split Screen

Franchise Records:

1999 Finest Franchise Records is a 10-card set that features players who hold all-time and single-season franchise statistics. A refractor version was also made.

Tony Gwynn 1999 Finest Franchise Records #FR10 Refractor
Tony Gwynn 1999 Finest Franchise Records #FR10 Refractor

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1999 Finest Franchise Records, click here.

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
FR1Frank ThomasFR6Mike Piazza
FR2Ken Griffey Jr.FR7Cal Ripken Jr.
FR3Mark McGwireFR8Sammy Sosa
FR4Juan GonzalezFR9Barry Bonds
FR5Nomar GarciaparraFR10Tony Gwynn
1999 Finest Franchise Records

Future’s Finest:

1999 Finest Future’s Finest is a 10-card set that features images of young stars, a refractor finish, and a print run of 500.

Ruben Mateo 1999 Finest Future's Finest #FF5 /500
Ruben Mateo 1999 Finest Future’s Finest #FF5 /500

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1999 Finest Future’s Finest, click here.

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
FF1Pat BurrellFF6Gabe Kapler
FF2Troy GlausFF7Alex Gonzalez
FF3Eric ChavezFF8Michael Barrett
FF4Ryan AndersonFF9Adrian Beltre
FF5Ruben MateoFF10Fernando Seguignol
1999 Finest Future’s Finest

Hank Aaron Award Contenders:

1999 Finest Hank Aaron Award Contenders is a 9-card set that features players who are candidates for the Hank Aaron Award. A refractor version was also made.

Ken Griffey Jr. 1999 Finest Aaron Award Contenders #HA8 Refractor
Ken Griffey Jr. 1999 Finest Aaron Award Contenders #HA8 Refractor

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1999 Finest Hank Aaron Award Contenders, click here.

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
HA1Juan GonzalezHA6Sammy Sosa
HA2Vladimir GuerreroHA7Alex Rodriguez
HA3Nomar GarciaparraHA8Ken Griffey Jr.
HA4Albert BelleHA9Mark McGwire
HA5Frank Thomas
1999 Finest Hank Aaron Award Contenders

Leading Indicators:

1999 Finest Leading Indicators is a 10-card set that features 1998 home run totals of superstar players printed with heat-sensitive thermal-ink technology. When the background in left, center, or right is touched, the heat from the finger reveals the associated player’s 1998 home run totals in that direction.

Juan Gonzalez 1999 Finest Leading Indicators #L6
Juan Gonzalez 1999 Finest Leading Indicators #L6

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1999 Finest Leading Indicators, click here.

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
L1Mark McGwireL6Juan Gonzalez
L2Sammy SosaL7Andres Galarraga
L3Ken Griffey Jr.L8Alex Rodriguez
L4Greg VaughnL9Barry Bonds
L5Albert BelleL10Jeff Bagwell
1999 Finest Leading Indicators


1999 Finest Milestones is a 40-card set that features players who have the highest statistics in four categories: Hits, Home Runs, RBI, and Doubles. The cards have a refractor finish and different print runs as follows: Hits /3000, HR /500, RBI /1400, and 2B /500.

Alex Rodriguez 1999 Finest Milestones #M8 /3000
Alex Rodriguez 1999 Finest Milestones #M8 /3000

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1999 Finest Milestones, click here.

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
M1Tony Gwynn HITM21Jeff Bagwell RBI
M2Cal Ripken Jr. HITM22Barry Bonds RBI
M3Wade Boggs HITM23Ken Griffey Jr. RBI
M4Ken Griffey Jr. HITM24Albert Belle RBI
M5Frank Thomas HITM25Juan Gonzalez RBI
M6Barry Bonds HITM26Vinny Castilla RBI
M7Travis Lee HITM27Mark McGwire RBI
M8Alex Rodriguez HITM28Alex Rodriguez RBI
M9Derek Jeter HITM29Nomar Garciaparra RBI
M10Vladimir Guerrero HITM30Frank Thomas RBI
M11Mark McGwire HRM31Barry Bonds 2B
M12Ken Griffey Jr. HRM32Albert Belle 2B
M13Vladimir Guerrero HRM33Ben Grieve 2B
M14Alex Rodriguez HRM34Craig Biggio 2B
M15Barry Bonds HRM35Vladimir Guerrero 2B
M16Sammy Sosa HRM36Nomar Garciaparra 2B
M17Albert Belle HRM37Alex Rodriguez 2B
M18Frank Thomas HRM38Derek Jeter 2B
M19Jose Canseco HRM39Ken Griffey Jr. 2B
M20Mike Piazza HRM40Brad Fullmer 2B
1999 Finest Milestones

Peel and Reveal:

1999 Finest Peel and Reveal is a 20-card set with three unique parallels that can be differentiated by the background pattern: Sparkle (Common), Hyperplaid (Uncommon), and Stadium Stars (Rare). Each card comes with a protective coating on the front and back, which must be peeled to reveal the level.

Barry Bonds 1999 Finest Peel and Reveal #PR17 Hyperplaid
Barry Bonds 1999 Finest Peel and Reveal #PR17 Hyperplaid

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1999 Finest Peel and Reveal, click here.

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
PR1Kerry WoodPR11Roger Clemens
PR2Mark McGwirePR12Juan Gonzalez
PR3Sammy SosaPR13Ben Grieve
PR4Ken Griffey Jr.PR14Jeff Bagwell
PR5Nomar GarciaparraPR15Todd Helton
PR6Greg MadduxPR16Chipper Jones
PR7Derek JeterPR17Barry Bonds
PR8Andres GalarragaPR18Travis Lee
PR9Alex RodriguezPR19Vladimir Guerrero
PR10Frank ThomasPR20Pat Burrell
1999 Finest Peel and Reveal


1999 Finest Pre-Production is a 6-card set that features some popular players in baseball.

Jim Thome 1999 Finest Pre-Production #PP4
Jim Thome 1999 Finest Pre-Production #PP4

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1999 Finest Pre-Production, click here.

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
PP1Darin ErstadPP4Jim Thome
PP2Javy LopezPP5Tino Martinez
PP3Vinny CastillaPP6Mark Grace
1999 Finest Pre-Production

Prominent Figures:

1999 Finest Prominent Figures is a 50-card set printed with a refractor finish that features superstars in five different statistical categories, each with its own unique print run: Home Runs /70, Slugging Percentage (SLG) /847, Batting Average (BAT) /424, RBI /190, and Total Bases (TB) /457.

Albert Belle 1999 Finest Prominent Figures #PF43 /457
Albert Belle 1999 Finest Prominent Figures #PF43 /457

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1999 Finest Prominent Figures, click here.

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
PF1Mark McGwire HRPF26Frank Thomas BAT
PF2Sammy Sosa HRPF27Bernie Williams BAT
PF3Ken Griffey Jr. HRPF28Chipper Jones BAT
PF4Mike Piazza HRPF29Jim Thome BAT
PF5Juan Gonzalez HRPF30Barry Bonds BAT
PF6Greg VaughnPF31Juan Gonzalez RBI
PF7Alex Rodriguez HRPF32Sammy Sosa RBI
PF8Manny Ramirez HRPF33Mark McGwire RBI
PF9Jeff Bagwell HRPF34Albert Belle RBI
PF10Andres Galarraga HRPF35Ken Griffey Jr. RBI
PF11Mark McGwire SLGPF36Jeff Bagwell RBI
PF12Sammy Sosa SLGPF37Chipper Jones RBI
PF13Juan Gonzalez SLGPF38Vinny Castilla RBI
PF14Ken Griffey Jr. SLGPF39Alex Rodriguez RBI
PF15Barry Bonds SLGPF40Andres Galarraga RBI
PF16Greg Vaughn SLGPF41Sammy Sosa TB
PF17Larry Walker SLGPF42Mark McGwire TB
PF18Andres Galarraga SLGPF43Albert Belle TB
PF19Jeff Bagwell SLGPF44Ken Griffey Jr. TB
PF20Albert Belle SLGPF45Jeff Bagwell TB
PF21Tony Gwynn BATPF46Juan Gonzalez
PF22Mike Piazza BATPF47Barry Bonds TB
PF23Larry Walker BATPF48Vladimir Guerrero TB
PF24Alex Rodriguez BATPF49Larry Walker TB
PF25John Olerud BATPF50Alex Rodriguez TB
1999 Finest Prominent Figures

Team Finest:

1999 Finest Team Finest is a 20-card set that comes in three colors – Blue, Red, and Gold – each with a refractor parallel for a total of six unique versons per card. Print runs are as follows: Blue /1500, Blue Refractor /150, Red /500, Red Refractor /50, Gold /250, and Gold Refractor /25.

Mark McGwire 1999 Finest Team Finest #TF2 Blue /1500
Mark McGwire 1999 Finest Team Finest #TF2 Blue /1500

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1999 Finest Team Finest, click here.

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
TF1Greg MadduxTF11Kerry Wood
TF2Mark McGwireTF12Ken Griffey Jr.
TF3Sammy SosaTF13Frank Thomas
TF4Juan GonzalezTF14Jeff Bagwell
TF5Alex RodriguezTF15Nomar Garciaparra
TF6Travis LeeTF16Derek Jeter
TF7Roger ClemensTF17Chipper Jones
TF8Darin ErstadTF18Barry Bonds
TF9Todd HeltonTF19Tony Gwynn
TF10Mike PiazzaTF20Ben Grieve
1999 Finest Team Finest

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1999 Finest, click here.

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