2018 Topps Archive Signature Series Frank Thomas Baseball Cards

This is a visual directory of all known Frank Thomas cards from 2018 Topps Archive Signature Series. As with previous installments, the card selection appears to be pretty random with some overlap, which is a disappointment given the availability of different Frank Thomas cards made by Topps in the market at any given time. However, it is nice to see some inclusion of parallels in 2018 with cards like the 2007 Bowman Chrome Refractor and the 2017 Topps Gold Label Blacks but for the most part, base cards dominate this directory.

So far, sticker placement appears to be the key distinguishing factor from year to year with Topps Archive Signature Series. While past installments featured sticker placement on one side of the magnet, the 2018 release has the sticker placement on the top center of the case directly over the magnet.

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