2004 Fleer InScribed Baseball Cards

2004 Fleer InScribed Baseball Cards

2004 Fleer InScribed Baseball Cards

2004 Fleer InScribed baseball cards showcase a beautiful design with excellent photography. This 100-card set that was released in September of 2004 features retired greats, veterans, and rookies alike. It’s a stunning release and just one reason why Fleer was once a force in the hobby. I never bought any of this stuff when it first came out but have since picked up the three parallel cards of my player. Much like a lot of other products that came out in 2004, 2004 Fleer InScribed features as insert set with game used memorabilia. 2004 was a monster of a year for the hobby, with what seemed like countless releases and associated parallels by an extensive list of brands and sub-brands. If you collected a guy that was popular in 2004, chances are that your checklist for this particular year alone required a lengthy amount of scrolling. The so called, “Mega Parallel Sets” became popular in 2004, such as those found in 2004 Leaf Exhibits which can hold figures in as many as nearly 90 different parallels for a single player in the set. Lucky for us, 2004 Fleer InScribed make it easy (or so it seems) with just three different parallels to chase for a single player in the set. Thing is, one of these three is of mythical rarity.

If you collect any one player in the set and are looking to build your player’s 3-card run, be aware that while three may not seem like that big a task, it’s a monster. Let’s dig into it:

  • Base: These feature a white border and black foil. These are the standard cards that make up the initial 100-card set.
  • Gold: These featured a black border and gold foil. These hold a stated print run of 199 copies.
  • Red: These feature a black border and red foil. These hold a stated print run of just 5 copies. These are the unicorns that make this run exceptionally difficult to complete.

I was fortunate enough to find my player’s Red parallel. This is an excellent set with a stunning design and one that is likely to be appreciated by many collectors. If you’re looking for something by one of the hobby’s favorite brands, try a box of 2004 Fleer InScribed Baseball.


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