Updates and Stuff | Ep. 94

This episode is more of a variety piece on updates related to the site. Here’s what’s covered:

  • Shout out to Cesar Carbajal for sending over a whole bunch of packs of 2005 Upper Deck ESPN. Find and Subscribe to Cesar’s YouTube channel: pepino man.
  • I’m now authoring as my real name instead of an alias. So now when you see posts and comments, it’ll be from me, Patrick Greenough. I’ve also changed my avatar to show my face. I think this is important as it adds a more personal touch.
  • When I publish blog posts, I sometimes include questions at the end of blog posts. I share links to these blog posts on social media. I love that you comment on my content. Thank you! In an effort to better track engagement on the site, I’d love it if you could publish your answers in the comments area on the blog post itself instead of, or in addition to, publishing your answers as replies to my links shared on social media.
  • I wrote the music for the Radicards® TV episodes. When I have time, I like to write music.
  • We now have a Facebook Group, which you should join. The link to which is somewhere on the home page.
  • We’re now an authorized supplier of sealed wax. Check our store for inventory, which will grow over time.
  • The “Radicards®” name, as well as it’s associated tagline, “Enjoy collecting” is trademark pending.
  • Someone left a comment on one of my entries on YouTube. It was a really good one too. I think it was from a female. Anyway, I went back to respond and it was gone. Please don’t be shy.
  • If you’ve subscribed to the blog but would now like to unsubscribe, just add your email address into the same field on the right sidebar and click, “Unsubscribe.”

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