Radicards® Forum is Back Online

The debugging process is still in progress but I did make some headway today.

Re-introducing the Radicards® forum!

Some of you might have experienced some interesting and possibly somewhat annoying visits to Radicards® this week. The havoc took place while I was debugging the site this week. If you visited Radicards® on Monday night, 7/18 from roughly 6-730pm (PDT), I’m sorry. For about 1-1/2 hrs, Radicards® was completely unavailable! While I was driving home, I gave it some thought and realized what I did wrong. I was making edits in the back-end and accidentally deleted a very tiny spinet of very necessary code. After a confirmation from my host provider, my error was corrected and Radicards® was back up. Fewf! That was a really scary moment for me!

Also, if you visited Radicards® anytime between Monday night (7/18) and Thursday morning (7/21), you may have noticed a really pathetic version of the forum. In my previous message, I stated that the new update would look and feel really nice; well, what you saw between 7/18 and 7/21 wasn’t what I was talking about. Haha! During those few days, I was still working on the monster update. It’s a process and one that (at least for me), takes a great deal of time, patience and learning. Gimme a break, I’m only one guy. 😀

It turns out that what was preventing me from moving forward on the update was a string of malicious code that was hundreds of characters long. Once I located and eradicated that line of code, the update implemented smoothly but not beautifully, as you saw on 7/18-7/21. The finishing touch consisted of a manual upload of a series of files on the back-end which brings us to now. The update is finished and the forum is back!

It has been a mighty interesting, sometimes discouraging, often stressful and moderately aggravating ride but I’m proud to announce that the update is finally live. You’ll notice that it looks about the same but with subtle polished changes. I think it looks gorgeous but then again I’m just finding other ways to validate all of my hard/smart work.

To access the Radicards® forum, click here.


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