The Radicards® Museum: An Introduction | Ep. 78

Here’s a brief introduction to a project I completed in 2016. Back in 2010, I had the idea to make a website that features scans of every card in my Frank Thomas collection. The goal was to have visual access to my collection from any device so I can enjoy it wherever I am. The other benefit was the ability to check my collection when I’m at a show to help minimize the prospect of unintentionally buying doubles. It took some time to figure out the correct technology but began working on it by summer 2012. By 2015, I was pretty burned out and depressed because I felt like I was never gonna finish. Scanning my collection then cropping each card front and back together was just taking too much time on my own. So I hired a VA in March of 2015. His help has been instrumental to project progress and we finished by late 2016. Without his help with the cropping jobs, I’d still be working on it today. You can access the Museum by clicking on the link in the footer. The Museum gets updated regularly and to date, it hosts 7300+ scans of my Frank Thomas cards and another 1500+ scans of non-Thomas cards. Watch the video for a review.


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