Radicards® + Security = Together Again

Dear readers,

As you may know, Radicards® recently underwent a mild breach of security. I spent the majority of the month of July 2011 working well into the night on getting things back to normal, safe and sound. This is primarily why I haven’t been posting any new material. Like Smokey the Bear used to tell us in his strangely academic but yet ever so universal lectures, “Safety First!”

I won’t go into the technical details but let’s just say that I know a lot more about what it’s like not to have a good nights sleep for the better part of a month. If I had to put it into writing, it’d go something like this:

Dear hacker(s), it’s been a real treat for me to spend late nights cleaning up your disgusting and smelly mess. You’re parents nor your peers are proud of you. You might try thinking of ways to be productive and useful in this lifetime instead of being malicious and useless. I hope for your sake, you change and stop hurting others. Thanks.

I want to give a special thanks to my host for helping me be like G.I. Joe as I played the strategic game of Search and Destroy. It’s been one heck of a month but I can once again sleep at night. Radicards® is finally secure again!

I want to give another special thanks to all of my readers and members for your visits, comments and posts. I read every one of them. Please keep in touch.

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