The Radicards™ Forum: An Introduction

In a recent post, I stated the re-introduction of the Radicards forum. Shortly after I posted that, I realized that I never actually formally introduced the darn thing. In early January of this year, I pushed Radicards to another level with the implementation of a forum. This was an idea I had that dates back to September 2010. I thought that it would be a really great way for my readers (you) to share with other collectors. If you're a collector of anything sports related, the Radicards forum is made just for you. The forum has 19 registered members to date. I'd love to see this number grow. My goal is to make this a regular visiting place for collectors of all sports. There are some really top-notch collectors in the forum so far. Some of these guys are professional collectors with some of the most impressive collections I've ever seen! I want to acknowledge and give a special thanks to those of you that are already part of the forum. If you're reading this, chances are, you're a fellow collector and if that's the case, I encourage you to join in the discussions and register with the Radicards forum.

See you on the thread.

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