Important Website Updates to Close out 2023 | Ep. 323

2023 has been the year of technical issues with the blog and museum. It all started with a problem caused by some calendar software I was playing with back in March. About a month later, I moved past the problem and created the show calendar. In August, I caught a conflict with some old-model software and a recent version of WP. That hiccup caused many hours of work but was fixed by October. Finally, in November, I stopped using some premium software on the museum and its removal caused a problem with the Media Library. As of today, all has been fixed. In addition, I moved through some other important to-dos. I couldn’t have done any of this without the help of our host. Here are some highlights:

Museum fixed

The Museum was offline for a number of weeks as we battled some problems with a premium plugin. After some work with our host, we were able to correct the problem. It’s now live again and we went back to using the free version of said plugin. While I thought we’d take this opportunity to update the layout, I’ve decided to hold on that for now but that change is coming since the current site architecture is no longer being maintained by its authors.

Contact Us page fixed

Our contact form has been fixed. You can now send us messages directly from our Contact Us page.

Notifications are now re-verified

What this means is that notifications are now re-accompanied by our favicon and are more likely to avoid your spam box, which is good.

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