Stephen Strasburg Retires

Stephen Strasburg, former No. 1 draft pick, and the hottest prospect of the 2010 rookie class has decided to retire. Strasburg has battled injuries since the beginning. He has not pitched since June 9, 2022, which was his only game that entire season.

It’s been a tough run for him. He had surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome, a nerve and blood disorder, that involved removing a rib and two neck muscles.1 This was after a stretch of other injuries that have delayed or derailed parts of his career that date back to when he debuted in the summer of 2010. The total list of injuries includes: torn UCL (which required Tommy John surgery); neck, back, and elbow soreness; severe nerve damage, Thoracic outlet syndrome, and stress reactions in his ribs.2 Teammates, fans, and collectors wish him well and his presence on the mound will, no doubt, be missed.

Stephen Strasburg attended Sand Diego State University and was the No. 1 draft pick of the 2009 MLB Amateur Draft. Was was the hottest prospect of the 2010 rookie class. He spent his entire career with the Washington Nationals where he was 3x All-Star, 1x Silver Slugger, and was named the 2019 World Series MVP.

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