The Corrected Lou Brock 1964 Topps

Lou Brock 1964 Topps #29
Lou Brock 1964 Topps #29

Just mark out the team name and write-in your own. Yea, that’s fine.

This 1964 Topps Lou Brock is a funny one. This card changed hands a few times before it ended up in mine. Here’s the cards itinerary:

1st Appearance: It was first discovered in a bargain bin at a shop located in Woodland Hills, CA.

2nd Appearance: Later on, it was found in another bargain bin at a weekly show in the City of Industry, CA.

3rd Appearance: The third time I saw this was in another bargain bin at a quarterly collectors Expo in Long Beach, CA. It was at this encounter that I figured, what the heck, I’ll grab it. If I can recall correctly, this was a throw in with my total purchase, which again if I can recall accurately, was a small one. Alas, I get another hammered vintage card for nothing.

I dig the 1964 Topps Baseball set. I think it possesses a snapshot depiction of its era. I’ve always appreciated the bold and vibrant name plate over the off-white border. There’s something about that off-white border which is just great; I like that it’s not perfect white. The subtle off color makes it look vintage from the get go. This card in particular features gross off-centering closer to 90-10 toward the right. I just think this card, with all of its imperfections, has a lot to say. I can certainly appreciate the rounded corners and even the kids writing, which seems to be published by someone with a vehement method of curation. It’s the first thing I noticed on appearance one.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the year 1964?

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