1996 Leaf Baseball Cards

1996 Leaf Baseball Cards
1996 Leaf Baseball Cards

Here’s another 1990’s favorite: 1996 Leaf Baseball. This is another set where parallels aren’t easily identifiable. Fine if you have the Silver Press Proof, sure, but if you’ve got either the Bronze or Gold, identification can be somewhat difficult. Please use this article as a guide to help you identify what you have.

I’ve bought the Gold Press Proof online several times over the years only to find that it was actually the Bronze Press Press. I just love this set though. The mirror effect of the Press Proof parallels is incredible on these cards. This is another set that offers 3 unique parallels for a total of 4 different cards for any card in the set. Let’s break it down to learn more about what’s shown here:

  • Base: (Left) This is the standard card that makes up the base set. It features flat foil.
  • Bronze Press Proof: (Left Middle) These carry an unstated print run of 2000 and feature holo-bronze foil.
  • Silver Press Proof: (Right Middle) These carry an unstated print run of 1000 and feature holo-silver foil. For some, this may be difficult to distinguish from the base card because it too is silver. The difference here is that the Silver Press Proof features a holo-foil mirror finish while the base does not.
  • Gold Press Proof: (Right) These carry an unstated print run of 500 and feature holo-gold foil. Unless you have this side-by-side with a Bronze Press Proof, it can be difficult to tell which is which. These are often confused as Bronze Press Proofs. The one subtle difference is that the holo-foil is slightly more yellow than that of the the Bronze Press Proof.

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