2015 Topps Dynasty Baseball Cards

2015 Topps Dynasty Baseball Cards
2015 Topps Dynasty Baseball Cards

Release Date: 12/16/2015
Availability: 1 card per box; 5 boxes per case
Price: $455+ per box

2015 Topps Dynasty consists of 448 cards and is the second year of the installment. Each card is autographed, features a complex patch, and comes in a hard case. Every card was made in three different colors: Blue, Emerald, and Red – each with 5 different photo variations for a total of 15 unique cards for each player in the set.

The cards are printed on high gloss paper with a pearl finish and all autographs are on-card. The price point for this product is high with an average cost north of $450. What you get for that price is one card. 2015 Topps Dynasty offers an excellent player roster that includes Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Sandy Koufax, Ken Griffey, jr., Cal Ripken Jr., and Will Ferrell just to name a few.

In addition to the Autograph Patch cards, you can also find Dual Relic Greats Autographs, which are serial numbered to 5 copies but can also be found as 1/1 parallels and includes names like Hank Aaron, Ozzie Smith, and Sandy Koufax.

Also available are Cut Signatures, and Dual Relic Cut Signatures, which feature big names like Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, and Roberto Clemente.

2015 Topps Dynasty
2015 Topps Dynasty

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2015 Topps Dynasty
2015 Topps Dynasty

Set Information:

Important Date(s)
December 16, 2015Release Date
December 31, 2017Exchange Deadline
2015 Topps Dynasty
SetTotal CardsPrint Run(s)Odds
Autograph Patches448101:1
Autograph Patches Emerald4485
Autograph Patches Red44811:17
Cut Signatures9911:77
Dual Relic Cut Signatures1011:755
Dual Relic Greats Autographs3551:38
Dual Relic Greats Autographs 1/13511:189
2015 Topps Dynasty

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