2005 Artifacts Baseball Cards

Travis Hafner 2005 Artifacts Signature Patches #AP-TH /10
Travis Hafner 2005 Artifacts Signature Patches #AP-TH /10

I found this Travis Hafner 2005 Artifacts Signature Patches in a bargain bin at a show this year and thought it’d make an excellent image for this set. I got this card for less than $10, which is amazing considering it contains a small print run, complex patch, and an on-card autograph. 2005 Artifacts is a treasure by design but ultimately, that’s the only thing that sets it apart from competing manufacturers of its era. The release contains 22 different sets, 16 of which feature the GU/AU concept. The upside: it provides player collectors ample opportunities to add interesting cards to their collections. The downside: sometimes too many options can diminish desirability. All in all, 2005 Artifacts is a very attractive release with lots of interesting cards.

2005 Artifacts
2005 Artifacts

Set Information:

Important Date(s)
April 2005Release Date: Cards 1-200
February 2006Release Date: Cards 201-285 issued in 2005 Upper Deck Update
April 11, 2008Exchange Deadline
2005 Artifacts

2005 Artifacts was issued in 4-card packs, which came 10 packs per box, and 20 boxes per case. Cards 1-100 feature active veterans, cards 101-150 feature prospects, and cards 151-200 feature retired stars. High series (cards 201-285) were issued in packs of 2005 Upper Deck Update. It’s a beautiful set aesthetically with many parallels containing a holofoil finish, which over gradient backgrounds really makes these cards pop. In-hand, they are stunning.

2005 Artifacts was issued during the prime era of GU/AU cards. This is a supreme example of a set that overused the concept with 16 different insert sets containing one of these characteristics and set counts upwards of 100 cards. Minor differences from set to set make a lot of this stuff look the same. Given the depth of the release, general odds are provided as a blanket over all GU/AU cards.

The benefit to this set, however, is if you collect a guy who’s featured somewhere in it, you have a chance to chase some really interesting cards. These cards are beautiful and they scan really well.

To see what’s currently on eBay from 2005 Artifacts, click here.

SetTotal CardsPrint Run(s)Odds
Base2851-100 /-
101-150 /1350
151-200 /1999
201-285 /799
1-100: 4:1
101-150: 1:5
151-200: 1:3
201-285: Issued in ’05 UD Update
Rainbow Blue2851001-200: Overall Parallel Odds: 1:10
Rainbow Red285501-200: Overall Parallel Odds: 1:10
Rainbow Gold285251-200: Overall Parallel Odds: 1:10
Rainbow Platinum28511-200: Overall Parallel Odds: 1:10
AL/NL Artifacts99100-325Overall GU Odds: 1:3
AL/NL Artifacts Rainbow9950-99Overall GU Odds: 1:3
AL/NL Artifacts Signatures10030Overall AU Odds: 1:10
AL/NL Rare Artifacts Signatures931Overall AU Odds: 1:10
Autofacts10015-699Overall AU Odds: 1:10
Autofacts Rainbow1001Overall AU Odds: 1:10
Dual Artifacts10044-99Overall GU Odds: 1:3
Dual Artifacts Rainbow10025Overall GU Odds: 1:3
Dual Artifacts Signatures10010Overall AU Odds: 1:10
Dual Artifacts Bat1225Overall GU Odds: 1:3
MLB Apparel100100-325Overall GU Odds: 1:3
MLB Apparel Rainbow10050-99Overall GU Odds: 1:3
MLB Apparel Autographs10030Overall AU Odds: 1:10
MLB Rare Apparel Autographs961Overall AU Odds: 1:10
Patches943-50Overall GU Odds: 1:3
Signature Patches964-10Overall AU Odds: 1:10
UD Promos100Only made for cards 1-100
2005 Artifacts


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