2003 Timeless Treasures Baseball Cards

2003 Timeless Treasures Baseball Cards

2003 Timeless Treasures Baseball Cards

Sometimes you can look at a product and immediately identify it with some high form of quality. 2003 Timeless Treasures baseball cards fall into this category. When I got back into the hobby, I had a lot of learning to do to get caught up. This set came out right around the same time I jumped back into the market as a buyer. It wouldn’t be until late 2011 that I’d be able to pull this 4-card run together. Granted, given the amount of information I had to learn leading up to 2011, there was plenty to keep me busy.

I love the design shown here. The artistic rippled background with the lines on either side drawn along the y-axis and the foil or holofoil areas really make these cards come to life. The Timeless Treasures name was, at the time, owned by Donruss. Being a long time advocate of the brand, I immediately appreciated 2003 Timeless Treasures. The set features former and then current players alike. The 100-card set is loaded with megastars almost exclusively.

2003 Timeless Treasures was released in July of 2003. The SRP at the time was $100 per tin. This price point hasn’t changed to any significant degree with the many Timeless Treasures releases under the Panini umbrella. This was, and still is, a high-end product. With just four cards per tin, you’re looking at $25 per card. That’s a lot! But again, much like the price point, the quality of these cards is also high.

Let’s go through it here. The base card is found with three additional parallels for a total of 4 unique versions of any single card in the 100-card set of 2003 Timeless Treasures baseball cards. If you player collect any one guy in the set or just wanna put together a full run of a player depicted on your favorite team, here’s what to expect:

  • Base: These cards feature flat gold foil on the card fronts, a gray color theme, and hold a stated print run of 900 copies.
  • Silver: These cards feature silver holofoil on the card fronts, a silver color theme, and hold a stated print run of 50 copies.
  • Gold: These cards feature gold holofoil on the card fronts, a gold color theme, and hold a stated print run of 10 copies.
  • Platinum: These cards feature blue holofoil on the card fronts, a blue color theme, and hold a stated print run of just 1 copy.

This isn’t an easy run to pull together. The parallels have very small print runs making them rare to mythic rare. I love the set, however, and believe that any version of these cards would make an excellent addition to any collection. This set also features a variety of inserts featuring autographs and memorabilia. If you’re looking to mix it up with something simple, yet high quality, grab some 2003 Timeless Treasures Baseball.

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