1971 Milk Duds Baseball Cards

Fergie Jenkins 1971 Milk Duds #21a
Fergie Jenkins 1971 Milk Duds #21a

1971 Milk Duds is a 69-card set released on the backs of 5-cent boxes of the Milk Duds candy. The sepia box color gives these cards a classic vintage presentation. Accurate hand cuts put these cards at about 1.81″x2.63″ in size. The set contains cards of 32 AL and 37 NL players. Full uncut boxes carry higher premiums than their hand cut back panel, or individual card counterparts but they sell well in any format. While card backs are blank, card numbers appear on the Milk Duds box flaps. Each box number can be found featuring one of three different players as indicated in the following checklist. While the cards are the same, Pete Rose, Harmon Killebrew, and Brooks Robinson were each printed on two separate numbered boxes and together bring the master set to 72 unique boxes.

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