2003 Bowman’s Best Baseball Cards

2003 Bowman’s Best Baseball Cards

2003 Bowman’s Best Baseball is an ambitious set that features player autographs and relics. The design is simple but showcases some aesthetics signature to Bowman’s Best. Intricate etching, holo-foil finish, and a bold oval area for the player autograph complements the overall theme of these cards. The set features classic player poses and action shots. Three versions exist for each card in the set. Shown here from left to right are each of the three: Base, Blue, and Red. Not all players in the set have multiple cards. Some just have base cards, others have only signed cards. Some have signed cards and relic cards. The following information pertains to the signed cards in the set:

  • Base AU: One per pack.
  • Blue AU: 1:32, carry an unstated print run of 50, and hold a multiplier of 2.5x the Base AU value.
  • Red AU: 1:63, carry an unstated print run of 25, and hold a multiplier of 10x the Base AU value.

I took notice of Josh Willingham when he recorded a pair of Grand Slams on 7/27/09 against the Milwaukee Brewers. I grabbed a few copies of the base AU that summer then picked up the red and blue AUs along the way to finish the run. I love the look of these cards together.

Can you remember who was hot in the 2003 Bowman’s Best Baseball set when it was first released?

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2003 Bowman's Best
2003 Bowman’s Best

Set Information:

Important Date(s)
September 2003Release Date
2003 Bowman’s Best

2003 Bowman’s Best is a 130-card set issued in 5-card packs with an SRP of $15.00 and came 10 packs per box and 10 boxes per case. Bryan Bullington signed some boxes of 2003 Bowman’s Best. Signed boxes were issued 1:106. The base set includes one each of the opened and sealed signed boxes, which is what brings the set to 132 total items.

SetTotal CardsPrint Run(s)Odds
Blue130Base /100
Bat /50
AU /50
Base: 1:28
Bat: 1:22 Box-Loader Packs
AU: 1:32
Red130Base /50
Bat /25
AU /25
Base: 1:55
Bat: 1:44 Box-Loader Packs
AU: 1:63
Double Play Autographs81:55
Triple Play Autographs21:219
Bryan Bullington Signed Box1:106 Boxes
2003 Bowman’s Best

Base Set Checklist:

The checklist was designed alphabetically instead of numerically. Autographed first-year cards have the lettering FY AU RC after their names in the checklist. Some base set cards include parallels with bat chunks in them. These parallels were issued one per box-loader pack.

Hanley Ramirez 2003 Bowman's Best #BB-HR Red /25
Hanley Ramirez 2003 Bowman’s Best #BB-HR Red /25

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Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
BB-ABAndrew Brown FY AU RCBB-JRGJeremy Griffiths FY AU RC
BB-AKAustin KearnsBB-JTJim Thome
BB-AMAneudis Mateo FY AU RCBB-JVJoe Valentine FY AU RC
BB-APAlbert PujolsBB-JWJosh Willingham FY AU RC
BB-ARAlex RodriguezBB-KGKen Griffey Jr.
BB-ASAlfonso SorianoBB-KJKade Johnson FY AU RC
BB-AWAron Weston FY AU RCBB-KSKelly Shoppach FY AU RC
BB-BBBryan Bullington FY AU RCBB-KYKevin Youkilis FY AU RC
BB-BCBernie Castro FY RCBB-KYEKevin Youkilis FY Bat
BB-BFLBranden Florence FY AU RCBB-LBLance Berkman
BB-BFRBen Francisco FY AU RCBB-LFLew Ford FY AU RC
BB-BHBrendan Harris FY AU RCBB-LFJLew Ford FY Bat
BB-BJHBo Hart FY RCBB-LWLarry Walker
BB-BKBeau Kemp FY AU RCBB-MBMatt Bruback FY RC
BB-BLBBarry BondsBB-MDMatt Diaz FY RC
BB-BSGBrian GilesBB-MDHMatt Hensley FY AU RC
BB-BWBBobby Basham FY AU RCBB-MDMMark Malaska FY AU RC
BB-BZBarry ZitoBB-MHMichael Hernandez FY AU RC
BB-CADCarlos Duran FY AU RCBB-MHIMichael Hinckley FY AU RC
BB-CDCChris De La Cruz FY AU RCBB-MJPMike Piazza
BB-CJChipper JonesBB-MKMatt Kata FY AU RC
BB-CMCharlie Manning FY AU RCBB-MOMike O’Keefe FY RC
BB-CMSCurt SchillingBB-MORMagglio Ordonez
BB-CSCory Stewart FY AU RCBB-MPMark Prior
BB-CSSCorey Shafer FY AU RCBB-MRManny Ramirez
BB-CWChien-Ming Wang FY RCBB-MSMike Sweeney
BB-CWAChien-Ming Wang FY AUBB-MTMiguel Tejada
BB-DAMDustin Moseley FY AU RCBB-NGNomar Garciaparra
BB-DCDavid Cash FY AU RCBB-NLNook Logan FY AU RC
BB-DHDan Haren FY AU RCBB-OCOzzie Chavez FY AU RC
BB-DJDerek JeterBB-PBPat Burrell
BB-DMDavid Martinez FY AU RCBB-PLPete LaForest FY AU RC
BB-DMMDustin McGowan FY AU RCBB-PMPedro Martinez
BB-DRDarrell Rasner FY AU RCBB-PRPrentice Redman FY AU RC
BB-DWDoug Waechter FY AU RCBB-RCRyan Cameron FY AU RC
BB-DYDustin Yount FY RCBB-RDRajai Davis FY AU RC
BB-ERAElizardo Ramirez FY AU RCBB-RLDRajai Davis FY Bat
BB-ERIEric Riggs FY AU RCBB-RHRyan Howard FY AU RC
BB-ETEider Torres FY AU RCBB-RHJRyan Howard FY Bat
BB-FPFelix Pie FY AU RCBB-RJRandy Johnson
BB-FSFelix Sanchez FY AU RCBB-RLDRajai Davis FY Bat
BB-FTFerdin Tejeda FY AU RCBB-RMRamon Nivar-Martinez FY RC
BB-GAGreg Aquino FY AU RCBB-RSRyan Shealy FY AU RC
BB-GBGregor Blanco FY AU RCBB-RSBRyan Shealy FY Bat
BB-GJAGarret AndersonBB-RWHRobbie Hammock FY AU RC
BB-GMGreg MadduxBB-SGShawn Green
BB-GSGary Schneidmiller FY AU RCBB-SSSammy Sosa
BB-HRHanley Ramirez FY AU RCBB-STScott Tyler FY AU RC
BB-HRBHanley Ramirez FY BatBB-SVShane Victorino FY RC
BB-HTHaj Turay FY RCBB-TATyler Adamczyk FY AU RC
BB-ISIchiro SuzukiBB-THTodd Helton
BB-JBJeremy Bonderman FY RCBB-TITravis Ishikawa FY AU RC
BB-JCJose Contreras FY RCBB-TJTyler Johnson FY AU RC
BB-JFKJeff KentBB-TKHTorii Hunter
BB-JGBJoey Gomes FY BatBB-TST.Story-Harden FY AU RC
BB-JGGJason GiambiBB-TSBT.Story-Harden FY Bat
BB-JKJason Kubel FY AU RCBB-TTTerry Tiffee FY RC
BB-JKBJason Kubel FY BatBB-VGVladimir Guerrero
BB-JLBJaime Bubela FY AU RCBB-WEWillie Eyre FY AU RC
BB-JMJose Morales FY AU RCBB-WLWil Ledezma FY AU RC
BB-JMSJon-Mark Sprowl FY RCBB-WRCRoger Clemens
2003 Bowman’s Best

Double Play Autographs:

Inserted into packs at a rate of 1:55, this set features autographs of two prospects.

P.Redman/G. Schneidmiller 2003 Bowman's Best Double Play Autographs #DP-RS
P.Redman/G. Schneidmiller 2003 Bowman’s Best Double Play Autographs #DP-RS

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Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
2003 Bowman’s Best Double Play Autographs

Triple Play Autographs:

Inserted into packs at a rate of 1:219, this set features autographs of three prospects.

A.Brown/D.Cash/C.Stewart 2003 Bowman's Best Triple Play Autographs #TP-BCS
A.Brown/D.Cash/C.Stewart 2003 Bowman’s Best Triple Play Autographs #TP-BCS

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Card #Player(s)
2003 Bowman’s Best Triple Play Autographs

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