2003 Bowman’s Best Baseball Cards

2003 Bowman's Best

2003 Bowman’s Best Baseball Cards

2003 Bowman’s Best Baseball is an ambitious set that features player autographs and relics. The design is simple but showcases some aesthetics signature to Bowman’s Best. Intricate etching, holo-foil finish, and a bold oval area for the player autograph complements the overall theme of these cards. The set features classic player poses and action shots. Three versions exist for each card in the set. Shown here from left to right are each of the three: Base, Blue, and Red. Not all players in the set have multiple cards. Some just have base cards, others have only signed cards. Some have signed cards and relic cards. The following information pertains to the signed cards in the set:

  • Base AU: One per pack.
  • Blue AU: 1:32, carry an unstated print run of 50, and hold a multiplier of 2.5x the Base AU value.
  • Red AU: 1:63, carry an unstated print run of 25, and hold a multiplier of 10x the Base AU value.

I took notice of Josh Willingham when he recorded a pair of Grand Slams on 7/27/09 against the Milwaukee Brewers. I grabbed a few copies of the base AU that summer then picked up the red and blue AUs along the way to finish the run. I love the look of these cards together.

Can you remember who was hot in the 2003 Bowman’s Best Baseball set when it was first released?

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