Mike Piazza 1993 Select Rookie/Traded #ROY2

Mike Piazza 1993 Select Rookie/Traded #ROY2
Mike Piazza 1993 Select Rookie/Traded #ROY2

I don’t know factually but I want to say that the Mike Piazza 1993 Select Rookie/Traded #ROY2 is likely one of Mike Piazza’s least credited cards. What I mean by that is that I feel like a lot of collectors don’t know it exists. But like I said, I don’t know factually. It’s interesting really though given the pure nature of this card’s existence. This card is more valuable, much scarcer and more attractive than any of Piazza’s rookie cards from ’92. You really have to see this card in person to really appreciate its appeal. It’s classic Pinnacle dufex technology. Again, another Pinnacle classic that to this day, blows all current product designs out of the water by leaps and bounds. The colors here are gorgeous; I really like the use of greens and blues. There’s a really nice burst-out thing happening behind Piazza’s portrait. Finally, when you manipulate this card’s position to a light source, it shines and sparkles creating an incredibly beautiful effect. That said, this is hands down, my favorite card depicting famous former Dodgers catcher, Mike Piazza. Current sports card production companies, if you’re reading this, take notes because Pinnacle’s dufex technology smokes anything you’re making today. That’s just one guy’s opinion though.

I’ve always thought that Mike Piazza resembled Freddie Mercury (late singer for Queen). It’s got to be the stache.

While not depicted, the back makes reference to Mike’s ridiculous draft selection. Mike was the 1,389th pick in the ’88 draft. This kinda reminds me of standardized academic entry exams. The classic assumption that your GMAT score actually has any correlation with how well you’ll perform in class. In the context of the draft, Piazza is perfect proof that falsifies that basic assumption.

Another little tip about this card, it was inserted at a rate of 1:576 packs! Good luck pulling one if that’s your preferred method of consumption. At the time of this writing, this card consistently fetches $30-40 on the secondary market in raw form. Bottom line, it’s ultra scarce and still holds weight as advanced collectors continue to search for this card. Keep your eye out for this card, it’s a rare gem.

To see the current eBay auctions for the 1993 Select Mike Piazza, click here.


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