1995 UC3 Baseball Cards

Hideo Nomo 1995 UC3 #97 Artist's Proof
Hideo Nomo 1995 UC3 #97 Artist’s Proof
Alex Rodriguez 1995 UC3 #115 Signed
Alex Rodriguez 1995 UC3 #115 Signed

I can remember when 1995 UC3 was released. I was stunned by the 3D design; I thought it was so cool. Hideo Nomo captured collectors that year as he was the big rookie. We all bought as much of his cards as we could find. eBay had just been invented and hadn’t yet made it into the mainstream so collectors had to depend on shop and show inventory, which was competitive. Prices were high but the chase for Nomo stuff was hot. 1995 UC3 features an excellent design and modest selection of insert sets, and it’s a fun and very reasonable set to build.

1995 UC3
1995 UC3

Set Information:

SetTotal CardsOdds
Artist’s Proof1471:36
Clear Shots141:24
Cyclone Squad201:4
In Motion101:18
1995 UC3

Base Set Checklist:

1995 UC3 is a 147-card set issued by Pinnacle Brands. Cards came in 5-card packs with 36 packs per box and 16 boxes per case. The set features horizontal and vertical designs with player images shown in front of a computer generated 3D background. This is the first all-3D product issued by Pinnacle. Parallel: Artist’s Proof, which were inserted at a rate of 1 per box. Key RC: Hideo Nomo.

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Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
1Frank Thomas75Cal Ripken Jr.
2Wil Cordero76Jay Bell
3John Olerud77Joe Carter
4Deion Sanders78Roberto Alomar
5Mike Mussina79Mark Langston
6Mo Vaughn80Dave Hollins
7Will Clark81Tom Glavine
8Chili Davis82Ivan Rodriguez
9Jimmy Key83Mark Whiten
10John Valentin84Raul Mondesi
11Tony Tarasco85Kenny Lofton
12Alan Trammell86Ruben Sierra
13David Cone87Mark Grace
14Tim Salmon88Royce Clayton
15Danny Tartabull89Billy Ashley
16Aaron Sele90Larry Walker
17Alex Fernandez91Sammy Sosa
18Barry Bonds92Jason Bere
19Andres Galarraga93Bob Hamelin
20Don Mattingly94Greg Vaughn
21Kevin Appier95Roger Clemens
22Paul Molitor96Scott Ruffcorn
23Omar Vizquel97Hideo Nomo RC
24Andy Benes98Michael Tucker
25Rafael Palmeiro99J.R. Phillips
26Barry Larkin100Roberto Petagine
27Bernie Williams101Chipper Jones
28Gary Sheffield102Armando Benitez
29Wally Joyner103Orlando Miller
30Wade Boggs104Carlos Delgado
31Rico Brogna105Jeff Cirillo
32Ken Caminiti106Shawn Green
33Kirby Puckett107Joe Randa
34Bobby Bonilla108Vaughn Eshelman
35Hal Morris109Frank Rodriguez
36Moises Alou110Russ Davis
37Jim Thome111Todd Hollandsworth
38Chuck Knoblauch112Mark Grudzielanek RC
39Mike Piazza113Jose Oliva
40Travis Fryman114Ray Durham
41Rickey Henderson115Alex Rodriguez
42Jack McDowell116Alex Gonzalez
43Carlos Baerga117Midre Cummings
44Gregg Jefferies118Marty Cordova
45Kirk Gibson119John Mabry
46Bret Saberhagen120Jason Jacome
47Cecil Fielder121Joe Vitiello
48Manny Ramirez122Charles Johnson
49Marquis Grissom123Cal Ripken Jr. ID
50Dave Winfield124Ken Griffey Jr. ID
51Mark McGwire125Frank Thomas ID
52Dennis Eckersley126Mike Piazza ID
53Robin Ventura127Matt Williams ID
54Ryan Klesko128Barry Bonds ID
55Jeff Bagwell129Greg Maddux ID
56Ozzie Smith130Randy Johnson ID
57Brian McRae131Albert Belle ID
58Albert Belle132Will Clark ID
59Darren Daulton133Tony Gwynn ID
60Jose Canseco134Manny Ramirez ID
61Greg Maddux135Raul Mondesi ID
62Ben McDonald136Mo Vaughn ID
63Lenny Dykstra137Mark McGwire ID
64Randy Johnson138Kirby Puckett ID
65Fred McGriff139Don Mattingly ID
66Ray Lankford140Carlos Baerga ID
67David Justice141Roger Clemens ID
68Paul O’Neill142Fred McGriff ID
69Tony Gwynn143Kenny Lofton ID
70Matt Williams144Jeff Bagwell ID
71Dante Bichette145Larry Walker ID
72Craig Biggio146Joe Carter ID
73Ken Griffey Jr.147Rafael Palmeiro ID
74Juan Gonzalez
1995 UC3

Clear Shots:

Inserted into packs at a rate of 1:24, 1995 UC3 Clear Shots is a 12-card set that features some of baseball’s notable new players. The set also includes two promo cards for a total of 14 cards.

Chipper Jones 1995 UC3 Clear Shots #CS9
Chipper Jones 1995 UC3 Clear Shots #CS9

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1995 UC3 Clear Shots, click here.

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
CS1Alex RodriguezCS8Cliff Floyd
CS2Shawn GreenCS9Chipper Jones
CS3Hideo NomoCS10Alex Gonzalez
CS4Charles JohnsonCS11J.R. Phillips
CS5Orlando MillerCS12Michael Tucker
CS6Billy AshleyCS8Cliff Floyd (Promo)
CS7Carlos DelgadoCS10Alex Gonzalez (Promo)
1995 UC3 Clear Shots

Cyclone Squad:

Inserted into packs at a rate of 1:4, 1995 UC3 Cyclone Squad is a 20-card set that features some of baseball’s best players.

Will Clark 1995 UC3 Cyclone Squad #CS10
Will Clark 1995 UC3 Cyclone Squad #CS10

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1995 UC3 Cyclone Squad, click here.

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
CS1Frank ThomasCS11Don Mattingly
CS2Ken Griffey Jr.CS12Albert Belle
CS3Jeff BagwellCS13Tony Gwynn
CS4Cal Ripken Jr.CS14Raul Mondesi
CS5Barry BondsCS15Bobby Bonilla
CS6Mike PiazzaCS16Rafael Palmeiro
CS7Matt WilliamsCS17Fred McGriff
CS8Kirby PuckettCS18Tim Salmon
CS9Jose CansecoCS19Kenny Lofton
CS10Will ClarkCS20Joe Carter
1995 UC3 Cyclone Squad

In Motion:

Inserted into packs at a rate of 1:18, 1995 UC3 In Motion is a 10-card set that features some of baseball’s best players.

Greg Maddux 1995 UC3 In Motion #IM8
Greg Maddux 1995 UC3 In Motion #IM8

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1995 UC3 In Motion, click here.

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
IM1Cal Ripken Jr.IM6Matt Williams
IM2Ken Griffey Jr.IM7Kirby Puckett
IM3Frank ThomasIM8Greg Maddux
IM4Mike PiazzaIM9Don Mattingly
IM5Barry BondsIM10Will Clark
1995 UC3 In Motion

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