1998 Stadium Club Triumvirate Identification Guide

The 1998 Stadium Club release featured a very peculiar and equally difficult to identify insert set called, Triumvirate [try-um-vy-rait]. These cards were manufactured in three different types but none of them had any identifiable way to make sense of what was what. I’m here to fix the confusion for you.

1998 Stadium Club Triumvirate Baseball Cards
1998 Stadium Club Triumvirate Baseball Cards

Interestingly enough, these cards were found only in retail packs, which makes them that much more difficult to pull and pull in good condition. Each player in the set is featured on two different designs.

  • Luminous: Inserted into retail packs at a rate of 1:48. These feature a solid flat chrome finish.
  • Luminescent: Inserted into retail packs at a rate of 1:192. These feature a solid refractor finish.
  • Illuminator: Inserted into retail packs at a rate of 1:384. These feature a translucent refractor finish. You can see through these and this is what distinguishes them from the other two.
1998 Stadium Club Triumvirate Baseball Cards
1998 Stadium Club Triumvirate Baseball Cards

It took me many years to find both Illuminators. It figures though since it’s the hardest one to find. I just love the die cut design on these cards. This set was so popular that one of the designs was reproduced in 2013 Topps Archives.

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Set Information:

SetTotal CardsOdds
Luminous541:48 R
Luminescent541:192 R
Illuminator541:384 R
1998 Stadium Club Triumvirate


Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
T1AChipper JonesT10AMike Piazza
T1BAndruw JonesT10BSandy Alomar
T1CKenny LoftonT10CIvan Rodriguez
T2ADerek JeterT11AMark McGwire
T2BBernie WilliamsT11BTino Martinez
T2CTino MartinezT11CFrank Thomas
T3AJay BuhnerT12ARoberto Alomar
T3BEdgar MartinezT12BChuck Knoblauch
T3CKen Griffey Jr.T12CCraig Biggio
T4AAlbert BelleT13ACal Ripken Jr.
T4BRobin VenturaT13BChipper Jones
T4CFrank ThomasT13CKen Caminiti
T5ABrady AndersonT14ADerek Jeter
T5BCal Ripken Jr.T14BNomar Garciaparra
T5CRafael PalmeiroT14CAlex Rodriguez
T6AMike PiazzaT15ABarry Bonds
T6BRaul MondesiT15BDavid Justice
T6CEric KarrosT15CAlbert Belle
T7AVinny CastillaT16ABernie Williams
T7BAndres GalarragaT16BKen Griffey Jr.
T7CLarry WalkerT16CRay Lankford
T8AJim ThomeT17ATim Salmon
T8BManny RamirezT17BLarry Walker
T8CDavid JusticeT17CTony Gwynn
T9AMike MussinaT18APaul Molitor
T9BGreg MadduxT18BEdgar Martinez
T9CRandy JohnsonT18CJuan Gonzalez
1998 Stadium Club Triumvirate

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