1988 Topps Baseball Errors Checklist

Keith Comstock 1988 Topps #778A
Keith Comstock 1988 Topps #778A

1988 Topps is a classic set and depending on who you ask is also a vintage set. This set was issued 35 years before this article was published so the question really becomes more one of how vintage is defined than anything else. Some say as little as 25 years and others are hardlined at anything pre-1975. For me, 1988 is old enough to be qualified as vintage. 1988 Topps was issued in the early years of the Junk Wax Era (1987-1993) so the print run is, well, high. I sometimes joke about sets from this era and say they’re still printing them because there appears to be no shortage of sealed boxes floating around. Since production was completed all those years ago, there is a finite number of sealed boxes in the market, which means that at some point, finding sealed boxes of even stuff from 1988 will be hard to do. Alas, at the time of this writing, we’re not there yet. In any case, 1988 Topps features a variety of errors that were later corrected; a list of which is found below.

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What’s Not Included in this Checklist:

  • Uncorrected Errors (UERs): These include minor typos on card backs and/or fronts. Since these cards were never corrected, they’re just the standard cards in the set.
  • Blank/Wrong Fronts/Backs: Examples beyond what’s stated are manufacturing scrap and weren’t issued in packs.

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Errors Checklist:

Card #Player(s)Error
3AMark McGwire RBWhite area behind left heel
4AEddie Murray RBCaption in box on front
18AAl LeiterPhoto is Steve George (right ear visible)
528AChecklist455 Steve Carlton
778AKeith ComstockWhite Padres team letters
1988 Topps Errors

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