Don Baylor, Former MVP Manager, Dies at age 68

Don Baylor
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Source:((Don Baylor, former MVP and manager of year, dies at 68.

Former AL MVP, Don Baylor passed away this morning after a battle with multiple myeloma, a form of cancer. He was just 68 years old.((Former MLB MVP, manager Don Baylor dies at 68 after struggle with multiple myeloma.

Baylor was a decorated baseball veteran. His playing career spanned 19 years (1970-1988) and managed baseball for the remaining majority of his career. As a player, he was 1x All Star, 3x Silver Slugger, and was MVP in 1979. As a manager, he was Mgr of the Year.((Don Baylor.

He shares a rookie card with Dusty Baker in the always condition sensitive 1971 Topps Baseball set. When I first began researching old baseball cards back in the late 1980s, this rookie card was one of those I knew I had to have in the collection. It would be many years until I’d finally get one into the collection but it eventually did happen.

He will be missed by fans and clubs alike.

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