1954 Bowman Baseball Cards

Mickey Mantle 1954 Bowman #65
Mickey Mantle 1954 Bowman #65

1954 Bowman is a 224-card set featuring the still larger dimension of 2.5″x3.75,” and was released in two unique runs: Series 1: 1-128, and Series 2: 129-224. Due to a contractual issue the Ted Williams (#66) was pulled from production very early on in the print run and was replaced with Jim Piersall, who is also #210. This caused the Ted Williams card to become one of the scarcest, most valuable cards in the postwar era. The set contains 40+ variations involving things like printed names and minor statistical errors, many of which were corrected but both varieties appear to hold similar values as they were printed in similar quantities. The set was released in 7-card nickel packs offered 24 per box, and 1-card penny packs offered 120 per box. Key RCs include Harvey Kuenn, Don Larson, and the original Frank Thomas.

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