1910-11 Sporting Life M116 Baseball Cards

Ed Lennox 1910-11 Sporting Life (M116) #151

Ed Lennox 1910-11 Sporting Life (M116) #151

Let’s rewind to 100 years ago, the year: 1910, a time when baseball cards were still used as promotions to entice buyers, in this case, subscribers to a magazine called Sporting Life. We’re talking about 1910-11 Sporting Life M116. If you are at all familiar with these cards, you’ll notice that they are very similar in size to cards from the famous T-206 set. Similar in size but not nearly as consistent. After doing some research I discovered that quality controls for this set were so lenient that production yielded a high percentage of inconsistent card sizing. The popularity of this set sheds some light on some players whose talent was often overshadowed by superstars such as: Collins, Cobb, Wagner, Speaker, Johnson, Lajoie and Mathewson. Further, an obvious observation about baseball cards released during this time: nobody smiled for the photo shoots. I’m so used to seeing straight faces depicted on anything from the turn of the 20th century that if I were to discover a picture depicting smiles, I would find it to be somewhat anomalous. The 1910-11 Sporting Life M116 set is something peculiar in that player portraits are depicted within a range of differing displays. Take this Ed Lennox card for example. Here we have a floating head over what’s basically a drawing of the man’s presumed upper torso. Truthfully, first viewings of this card induced the hint of a chuckle within me. Other cards in this set depict full torso shots, no drawings. Additionally, there are two known background color variations. This card possesses a pastel background but some cards depict a more scarce blue background. Something to note if you happen to chance an example from this set.

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