Lou Brock 1966 Topps with Tape

Lou Brock 1966 Topps #125
Lou Brock 1966 Topps #125

This is another one of those tape it back together to be as good as new kinda situations. And you know what? I’m glad that happened. The tape job is kinda haphazard as it doesn’t line up right and the bottom half is crooked. Mr. Brock’s been through a lot.

I don’t remember how I acquired this 1966 Topps Lou Brock. It was probably left for dead in some discount box somewhere. It may have even been given to me; I don’t remember. Cards in this crap condition sometimes find their way into my collection with no financial requirement necessary. Some guys just give me stuff they know won’t sell. Hey, if it’s baseball-related, I’m all about free stuff. If it’s star and superstar power, even better, but it’s not a requirement. If I don’t want it, I can always pay it forward and re-gift it.

There are many condition issues with this example. Let’s go through them:

  • Centering is way off – up and to the right
  • Corners are rounded
  • There are creases and dings throughout
  • There’s a significant bend on top right corner
  • There’s a huge line going through the middle of the card from being torn in half
  • There’s tape over the line
  • The tape doesn’t line up

Here’s what this card has going for it, which is enough to appreciate it:

  • It’s from 1966 Topps Baseball
  • It features Lou Brock
  • Despite the condition, Lou still seems pretty jolly

What are your thoughts on Brock’s trade from the Cubs to the Cardinals in 1964?

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