The Most Valuable Baseball Card of the 1990s Sells for Huge Money

Derek Jeter 1996 Select Certified #100 Mirror Gold /30
Derek Jeter 1996 Select Certified #100 Mirror Gold /30

Sold: October 17, 2019
# of Bids: 88
Final Price: $202,102.02

The 1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold set represents the beginning of an era. That era is elusive parallels with ultra low print runs and unicorn scarcity. These cards carry print runs of just 30 copies each and are highly collectable in any condition and featuring any player.

What sets this parallel set apart from the same set in other sports is that the gold goes all the way to the edges of the card. When manipulated with a light source, these cards glow with a stunning presentation that is unmatched by any other set.

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These cards were manufactured with a film peel that when peeled augments the card’s presentation. Purists often leave the peel intact, while card flippers often prefer to remove the peel in an effort to achieve a higher final grade when submitted.

The Derek Jeter is the centerpiece of the set and while it’s not technically a Rookie Card, it is a Rookie Year Card, which is why it features a Rookie designation.

Derek Jeter is slated to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2020 and his stuff is approaching the elite status of Untouchable for many collectors. This auction intensely validates that claim.

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