Most Interesting Auctions: April 2018 – Editor’s Choice

The delivery is a bit different this month. For every two cards, I include some text describing the significance of each of the two cards. There’s a lot of great stuff in this list so let’s get right to it.

Ronald Acuna 2018 Bowman Chrome Scouts Top 100 Autographs Superfractors #BTP2

Sold: April 30, 2018
# of Bids: 49
Final Price: $11,106

Jose Altuve 2011 Topps Update Hope Diamond Anniversary #US132 BGS 9
Sold: April 18, 2018 | # of Bids: 30 | Final Price: $2,627

Jose Altuve 2011 Topps Update Black #US132 BGS 9
Sold: April 18, 2018 | # of Bids: 24 | Final Price: $2,146.21

Ronald Acuna introduces the list this month with an incredible Superfractor sale. Even with the sticker auto, it’s still a very solid card. I’m not at all shocked by the end price and look forward to watching more of his stuff.

It was nice to see both elusive parallels of the Jose Altuve 2011 Topps Update RC get listed this month. They both ended right around the same time and with strong finishes. After a brief survey with other collectors, I discovered many of us prefer the Hope Diamond over the Black border. There’s something wondrous about that blue sparkle design; I really love those. That’s not to say the Black border is any less desirable. Both have print runs of just 60 examples.

Alex Bregman 2010 Bowman Chrome Draft USA Baseball Autographs Red Refractors #USAA5 BGS 9.5

Sold: April 30, 2018
# of Bids: 24
Final Price $455

Eric Hosmer 2011 Topps Update Gold Canary Diamond #US188 SGC 96

Sold: April 12, 2018
# of Bids: 28
Final Price: $338

The Alex Bregman 2010 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor was actually listed twice, that same exact example (confirmed by same BGS serial number). It was sold from two different eBay handles but both were shown to be located in the same city, which is suspicious. The first auction closed at $760 while the second auction ended at $455, which I think is the actual legitimate sale.

Every time I see this Eric Hosmer Canary Diamond card, I’m reminded of how it was marketed before it was finally sold at auction. For many months, the seller tried tirelessly to sell this card for an unbelievably high price.

To see tweet 1, click here.

From what I saw, most of the marketing was done via Twitter. Needless to say, collectors couldn’t take the seller seriously and lots of price-related flak tweets were published.

To see tweet 2, click here.

After several unsuccessful attempts to move the card for the outrageous asking price, the seller finally came down to earth in early April and listed the card auction-style – End Price: $338. This is a perfect example of how our own personal attachment to a player, team, or card doesn’t always translate to actual market value.

Stephen Strasburg 2010 Bowman Prospects Orange #BP1b BGS 9

Sold: April 8, 2018
# of Bids: 25
Final Price: $335

Nick Senzel 2017 Bowman Chrome Prospects Superfractors #BCP225 BGS 9.5

Sold: April 8, 2018
# of Bids: 41
Final Price: $323.88

I haven’t seen the Stephen Strasburg 2010 Bowman Prospects Orange AU since 2010. With a print run of just 25 copies, it’s entered unicorn territory. I actually attempted to win this card in the last moments. It’s an elusive card we just don’t see anymore.

The Nick Senzel Superfractor was an interesting one to watch. I like that it doesn’t feature an autograph. I’ve been keeping an eye on this guy’s stuff over the past several months and it’s been very popular on the auction block. When I saw this card, I had to watch it. I considered placing a last minute bid but since it felt more like an impulse buy, I figured it was best to archive it here and keep my money. I still really like the card.

Joc Pederson 2015 Bowman Chrome Rookie Autographs Superfractors #BCARJP Gray jersey

Sold: April 22, 2018
# of Bids: 16
Final Price: $255

Adrian Beltre 2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Black Autographs #92

Sold: April 25, 2018
# of Bids: 25
Final Price: $203.51

Joc Pederson stuff has really come down. I remember when this guy was super hot back in 2015. The fact that his RC Superfractor AU BGS 9.5 sold for $255 floors me; it really does. I was tempted to bid just because the deal was so good. Regardless of player performance, I think this is a very special addition to any collection. Note: There’s another version of this Superfractor that features a different photo of Joc in a white jersey.

The Adrian Beltre Mirror Black AU /1 is an excellent card. The 2003 Leaf Certified Materials set is one that showcases the sticker auto thing tastefully. I don’t mind seeing these; I think it’s because the design without them is already so appealing.

Johnny Bench 2016 Bowman Chrome Draft MLB Draft History Autographs Red Refractors #MLBDAJB BGS 9.5

Sold: April 24, 2018
# of Bids: 32
Final Price: $168.27

Stephen Strasburg 2010 Topps Update Platinum #US55

Sold: April 29, 2018
# of Bids: 35
Final Price: $162.49

The Johnny Bench AU is one I just plain like. The red borders, nice photo, and beautiful autograph work so well together. That it’s a BGS 9.5 and printed to just 5 copies certainly doesn’t hurt either. What a rad card to have.

Stephen Strasburg 2010 Topps Update Platinum is a first appearance for me. Strasburg is featured twice in the Update set and I always thought the photos selected for these two cards seemed somewhat haphazard, almost as if the photo submission deadline was too near to pick something better. Regardless, however, the Platinum parallels, with print runs of just 1, are some of the most elusive of 2010. I actually tried to win this one and lost only marginally. I really like this card.

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