Key Superfractor Baseball Cards

2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects Superfractor

I’ve been collecting scans of key superfractor baseball cards from around the Internet for a while and thought bringing them together would be an excellent way to enjoy them. Since these are all 1/1s, I wanted to have a central place to enjoy them.

There are countless superfractors out there. It’s tempting to want to add every Bryce Harper or Derek Jeter superfractor to this gallery. Originally, I thought of attempting the near impossible task of collecting as many scans of baseball superfractors as I could and bringing them all together into one place. After spending hours on just one set from 2010, I decided to nix that unnecessary and overly ambitious feat and just stick with key superfractors. I’m much happier this way because it prevents me from absorbing the upkeep requirement. Sure, it would be rad to see something like that but I just don’t have that kind of time. Since I’ve decided to stick with key superfractors, I had to come up with some guidelines. It’s difficult to pick what should and shouldn’t be in this gallery so I’ve decided to go with the following parameters:

Must be Rookie Card or Rookie Year card (with some very strict exceptions)

This can be a difficult distinction to clearly identify but I try to pay close attention to it. I understand that some of these don’t possess either of these designations but they’ve been added because of their significance to the hobby. I also understand that some of these are vastly more significant than others but again, I try to be objective about which scans to add and consider a wide but notable range of significance.

Scan must be large enough to see clearly

If you find a better scan of something shown here, and would like to contribute to making this an even better looking gallery, please let me know in the comments area and I’ll update the gallery.

Must feature a player of current or past conversational significance

This is somewhat subjective but to give you an example here, both Dustin Ackley supefractors are in this gallery. While he’s not a star, he was a popular prospect in 2010. Significance for these guys is in their past. I try to be pretty picky with whom, in the category of former significance, gets added to this gallery. If you go through the gallery, you’ll see some once familiar names alongside some superstars.

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Edited 11/1/2017: This project has been sunsetted.

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