2023 Topps Archive Signature Series Frank Thomas Baseball Cards

2023 Topps Archive Signature Series repeats the same process from previous installments. You know, grab a bunch of random Topps base cards with a few inserts peppered in and have them signed and stamped 1/1. As with previous issues, many of the same cards are found here, which while allows for more people own a “1/1” example of the 1992 Bowman Frank Thomas card, it further waters down the buyback and 1/1 concepts. The ’23 release includes issues from some of the immediately previous years, and the sticker color is red, which makes it easy to identify the release year. One can only hope that the sticker color continues to change from year to year as the printed year on some of the images can be somewhat difficult to decipher. All that aside, here are all known Frank Thomas cards issued in 2023 Topps Archive Signature Series.

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