1997 Fleer Soaring Stars Baseball Cards

1997 Fleer Soaring Stars Variation Comparison
1997 Fleer Soaring Stars Variation Comparison

This is another instance when the card company should have included written designations for what’s what. It took me a long time to solve this little mystery. Here are the two (actually three) different versions of the 1997 Fleer Soaring Stars baseball cards:

  • Base: This version is shown on the left. It’s distinguished by the star theme in the background. Insertion ratio: 1:12.
  • Variation: This version (middle) isn’t catalogued but it’s a noticeably different version from the other two. The background doesn’t possess any stars like those found on the Base version, nor does it possess the electric design of the Glowing version. The background on this version appears to be identical to that which is found on the 2000 Skybox Star Rubies Extreme parallels. While the print run of this variation isn’t known, I will say this – of my 10 or so doubles of the Base version, just one was this variation. Thanks to fellow Frank Thomas collector, Justin Deperoni for reaching out and informing me of this variation.
  • Glowing: The version is shown on the right. It’s distinguished by the lightning bolt theme in the background. This variety is believed to make up 10-20% of the total Soaring Stars print run. Insertion ratio: Unstated.
1997 Fleer Soaring Stars Variation Background Comparison
1997 Fleer Soaring Stars Variation Background Comparison

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Set Information:

SetTotal CardsOdds
Base121:12 S2
Glowing1210-20% of Print Run
1997 Fleer Soaring Stars


Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
1Albert Belle7Chipper Jones
2Barry Bonds8Greg Maddux
3Juan Gonzalez9Mark McGwire
4Ken Griffey Jr.10Mike Piazza
5Derek Jeter11Alex Rodriguez
6Andruw Jones12Frank Thomas
1997 Fleer Soaring Stars

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