2014 Topps High Tek Frank Thomas Baseball Cards

2014 Topps High Tek Frank Thomas Baseball Cards
2014 Topps High Tek Frank Thomas Baseball Cards

After a 14 year hiatus, Topps revisits the Tek line. 2014 Topps High Tek brings back the same multi-pattern concept but this time with the addition of autographs, proofs, and buybacks. Parallel runs exist for any one player in the set with two separate design batches, one for AL players and another for NL players. When this product came out, it was opened extensively by the breaker community. The format has changed but the excitement remains the same. Each box yields 1 pack with 8 cards and 1 autograph.

I pursued the Frank Thomas 29-parallel rainbow for this run quite aggressively when it first came out. New additions to my run are seldom and hard to find since the remaining cards are 1/1s. Building runs this extensive takes time, which is why I’m writing about this now and not in 2014 when this product was released. What’s seen here is a visual progress list. While I’m still in search of the remaining needed cards, given their scarcity, I’m happy with my progress. However, if you have leads on any of the missing pieces, I’d love to hear from you.

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Set Information:

Important Date(s)
December 3, 2014Release Date
2014 Topps High Tek

2014 Topps High Tek is a 100-card set that came in 8-card packs and 1-pack boxes. The base set comes in a variety of parallels depending on the player. Also included are a couple insert sets and signed examples of buybacks from previous Tek sets.

SetTotal CardsPrint Run(s)Odds
Large Maze47
Large Shattered53
Small Maze53
Small Shattered47
Spiral Bricks47
Zig Zag47
Spiral Bricks Gold Diffractor47991:3
Spiral Bricks Ice Diffractor47751:4
Spiral Bricks Disco Diffractor47501:5
Spiral Bricks Clouds Diffractor47251:10
Spiral Bricks Black & White Diffractor47151:16
Spiral Bricks Red Storm Diffractor47101:24
Spiral Bricks Blue Dots Diffractor4751:48
Spiral Bricks Charcoal Diffractor4711:237
Spiral Bricks Printing Proofs Black4711:60
Spiral Bricks Printing Proofs Cyan4711:60
Spiral Bricks Printing Proofs Magenta4711:60
Spiral Bricks Printing Proofs Yellow4711:60
Wave Gold Diffractor53991:3
Wave Ice Diffractor53751:4
Wave Disco Diffractor53501:5
Wave Clouds Diffractor53251:10
Wave Black & White Diffractor53151:16
Wave Red Storm Diffractor53101:24
Wave Blue Dots Diffractor5351:48
Wave Charcoal Diffractor5311:237
Wave Printing Proof Black5311:60
Wave Printing Proof Cyan5311:60
Wave Printing Proof Magenta5311:60
Wave Printing Proof Yellow5311:60
Autographs Disco Diffractor87501:8
Autographs Clouds Diffractor87251:13
Autographs Black & White Diffractor87151:22
Autographs Red Storm Diffractor87101:29
Autographs Blue Dots Diffractor8751:56
Autographs Charcoal Diffractor8711:279
Autographs Printing Proof Black8711:70
Autographs Printing Proof Cyan8711:70
Autographs Printing Proof Magenta8711:70
Autographs Printing Proof Yellow8711:70
’99 TEKnicians Diffractor25501:19
’99 TEKnicians Diffractor Autographs10101:238
’00 TEKnicians Diffractor20501:24
’00 TEKnicians Diffractor Autographs9101:238
Buyback Autographs121:158
Low Tek Diffractor35501:14
Low Tek Diffractor Autographs10151:158
2014 Topps High Tek


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