2010 Topps Sterling Baseball Cards

2010 Topps Sterling Baseball Cards

2010 Topps Sterling Baseball Cards

Topps has launched several high end fringe releases over the years. Many of these products run for just a few years and we don’t see them again for a while if ever. Topps Sterling falls into this category. 2010 Topps Sterling isn’t unlike other high end releases with single packs packaged in hinged wooden boxes at ultra premium price points. It’s a really nice presentation and the contents within are just as stunning. As is common with many high end products, the GU theme is heavily emphasized. However, the base cards are interesting in and of themselves. With framed borders, holofoil player photos, and tasteful fonts, this release by its very design alone is nothing short of attractive.

The set contains 150 cards and any card in the set can be found with 7 different variations. For completists or player collectors, this 7-card run poses serious challenges as there are two 1/1 parallels for any card in the base set. If you’re looking to build one of these 7-card runs, here’s what you’ll need to track down (examples of each are shown above from left to right):

The lower serial numbered stuff has already been in the unicorn category for years. If you can get at least four different cards for a single player, consider that a win. This is one of those products where if you don’t attempt to collect the different variations during the few weeks following product release, full-run goal attainment becomes foggy to nearly impossible.

I put together the run you see here by following that same purchasing strategy. A friend actually helped me secure the Gold since it’s so limited and he knew I was working on the issue. I can remember wondering if I’d ever see either of the 1/1s for my player. To my surprise, they both surfaced within a month of each other. It was an expensive month for me but that’s expected for premium products such as 2010 Topps Sterling.

If you wanna add some high end flare to your collection, I encourage you to toy with the idea of working on a 7-card run from 2010 Topps Sterling. It’s a fun chase but don’t expect to finish it quickly, especially since the spike of availability for this product has long since passed.

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