2009 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Cards

Justin Upton 2009 Topps Triple Threads #1 Platinum /1
Justin Upton 2009 Topps Triple Threads #1 Platinum /1

The Triple Threads arm of Topps is highly complex with lots of parts and tons of parallels. Due to the large number of unique sets, this stuff can get pretty confusing. 2009 Topps Triple Threads contains a 138-card base set and a wide range of insert sets featuring cards of retired, veteran, and rookies alike. Most of the sets come with a variety of parallels, which means there’s a lot to chase. Key RCs in this release include: Fernando Martinez, David Price, and Rick Porcello.

From the design perspective, 2009 Topps Triple Threads really isn’t unlike other Triple Threads releases. With minor differences from set to set, most of this stuff looks pretty much the same: die cuts with relic embeds and autographs but that appears to be the brand image of Triple Threads. Its design predictability sets it apart from other sets. The different sets offer plenty of options for collectors. If you collect a player in this set, there’s a really good chance you’ll be able to add at least something. The set design is also quite nice. With the exception of Plates, Wood parallels, and cards 1-100 in the base set, every card appears to have a refractor-like finish, which is always pleasing to the eye and they scan really well. The disadvantage is that if you’re an ardent player collector, there’s a lot to bite off and chew here. If you’re a set builder, the low print runs are going to pose major challenges. Given the volume of cards produced for 2009 Topps Triple Threads, you can easily get away with just getting one card of your guy and calling it a day. For those who want to go a little further, you have options, lots of options.

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2009 Topps Triple Threads
2009 Topps Triple Threads
Rick Porcello 2009 Topps Triple Threads #134 Platinum /1
Rick Porcello 2009 Topps Triple Threads #134 Platinum /1
Rick Porcello 2009 Topps Triple Threads #134 Wood /1
Rick Porcello 2009 Topps Triple Threads #134 Wood /1

Set Information:

Important Date(s)
October 20, 2009Release Date
2009 Topps Triple Threads
SetTotal CardsPrint Run(s)Odds
Base1381-100 /1350
101-138 /99
101-138: 1:11 Mini
Sepia1381-100 /525
101-138 /75
1-100: 1:- Mini
101-138: 1:14 Mini
Emerald1381-100 /240
101-138 /50
1-100: 1:2 Mini
101-138: 1:21 Mini
Gold1381-100 /99
101-138 /25
1-100: 1:4 Mini
101-138: 1:41 Mini
Sapphire1381-100 /25
101-138 /10
1-100: 1:16 Mini
101-138: 1:102 Mini
Platinum1381-100 /1
101-138 /1
1-100: 1:387 Mini
101-138: 1:1006 Mini
Wood38101-138 /11:1006 Mini
Printing Plates Black10011:97 Mini
Printing Plates Cyan10011:97 Mini
Printing Plates Magenta10011:97 Mini
Printing Plates Yellow10011:97 Mini
White Whale Printing Plates3811:255 Mini
All-Star Dual Patch Logo Man6511:610 Mini
All-Star Jumbo Sleeve Patches6511:610 Mini
All-Star Triple Patches6591:67 Mini
All-Star Triple Patches Platinum6511:610 Mini
Bat Barrels1511:2482 Mini
Bat Knobs1011:3722 Mini
Camelot Relic151:2481 Mini
Cut Above1011:3722 Mini
Cut Above Dual311:12,408 Mini
Cut Above Triple11Mini
Cut Above Presidential511:3722 Mini
Jumbo Patch Combos1011:3722 Mini
Jumbo Plus Relics1531:886 Mini
Jumbo Plus Relics Platinum1511:2482 Mini
Legend Relics15361:72 Mini
Legend Relics Sepia15271:96 Mini
Legend Relics Emerald15181:144 Mini
Legend Relics Gold1591:286 Mini
Legend Relics Sapphire1531:886 Mini
Legend Relics Platinum1511:2481 Mini
Letter Number Logo1011:3722 Mini
Letter Plus Relics1531:866 Mini
Letter Plus Relics Platinum1511:2482 Mini
Relic Autographs174181:13 Mini
Relic Autographs Gold17491:25 Mini
Relic Autographs Sapphire17431:74 Mini
Relic Autographs Platinum17411:222 H Mini
Relic Autographs Wood17411:222 H Mini
Relic Autographs White Whale Printing Plates17411:56 Mini
Relic Autographs Pairs3181:730 Mini
Relic Autographs Pairs Gold391:1490 Mini
Relic Autographs Pairs Sapphire331:4136 Mini
Relic Autographs Pairs Platinum311:12,408 Mini
Relic Combo Autographs21361:51 Mini
Relic Combo Autographs Sepia21271:68 Mini
Relic Combo Autographs Emerald21181:102 Mini
Relic Combo Autographs Gold2191:205 Mini
Relic Combo Autographs Sapphire2131:621 Mini
Relic Combo Autographs Platinum2111:1861 Mini
Relic Combo Autographs Wood2111:1861 Mini
Relic Combo Autographs White Whale Printing Plates2111:456 Mini
Relic Combo Double Autographs331:4136 Mini
Relic Combo Double Autographs Platinum311:12,408 Mini
Relic Combos46361:24 Mini
Relic Combos Sepia46271:32 Mini
Relic Combos Emerald46181:47 Mini
Relic Combos Gold4691:94 Mini
Relic Combos Sapphire4631:280 Mini
Relic Combos Platinum4611:866 Mini
Relic Combos Double12361:90 Mini
Relic Combos Double Sepia12271:120 Mini
Relic Combos Double Emerald12181:179 Mini
Relic Combos Double Gold1291:361 Mini
Relic Combos Double Sapphire1231:1128 Mini
Relic Combos Double Platinum1211:3102 Mini
Relics117361:10 Mini
Relics Sepia117271:13 Mini
Relics Emerald117181:19 Mini
Relics Gold11791:37 Mini
Relics Sapphire11731:111 Mini
Relics Platinum11711:332 Mini
Rookie-Rising Stars Relic Autograph Pairs3181:258 Mini
Rookie-Rising Stars Relic Autograph Pairs Gold391:510 Mini
Rookie-Rising Stars Relic Autograph Pairs Sapphire331:1283 Mini
Rookie-Rising Stars Relic Autograph Pairs Platinum311:12,408 Mini
WBC Dual Patch Logo2411:1772 Mini
WBC Relic Autographs6361:178 Mini
WBC Relic Autographs Sepia6271:239 Mini
WBC Relic Autographs Emerald6181:358 H
WBC Relic Autographs Gold691:730 H
WBC Relic Autographs Sapphire631:2068 H
WBC Relic Autographs Platinum611:6204 H
WBC Relic Autographs Wood611:6204 H
WBC Relic Autographs White Whale Printing Plates611:1551 H
WBC Triple Patches2411:179 Mini
WBC Triple Patches Platinum2411:1772 Mini
XXIV Legends Relics5181:7445 Mini
XXIV Relics15181:144 Mini
XXIV Relics Gold1591:287 Mini
XXIV Relics Sapphire1531:886 Mini
XXIV Relics Platinum1511:2482 Mini
2009 Topps Triple Threads

To see what’s currently on eBay from 2009 Topps Triple Threads, click here.

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