2003 Fleer Genuine Baseball Cards

2003 Fleer Genuine Baseball Cards
2003 Fleer Genuine Baseball Cards

2003 Fleer Genuine baseball cards were released during a time when parallels were sometimes so subtle that they presented identification challenges. When I completed the depicted run, I had to look closely at what was what to understand what was what. We’ll get into this in a minute but for now, just know that these are likely often easily overlooked.

I’m a big fan of the Fleer brand and can appreciate any design that incorporates the theme of the baseball field. I’ve always liked that kind of thinking. This release features what appears to be dirt from the baseball diamond. Upper Deck’s inaugural 1989 release feature something similar in terms of design theme.

So anyway, let’s get down to the subtle differences among the parallels. Take a look at the 3-card parallel run shown here. At first glance, they almost all appear to look identical. Upon closer review, however, minor differences are shown. If you’re looking to build a 3-card run of a player in the set, here’s what to know:

  • Base: This is the standard card in the set. It features flat silver text in the name plate.
  • Reflection Descending: This parallel features flat bronze text in the name plate and the word, “Descending” in the header. From print runs of 130 to 1, serial numbers are exact opposite of the card numbers. I.e., card #1 has a print run of 130, and card #130 has a print run of 1.
  • Reflection Ascending: This parallel features flat gold text in the name plate and the word, “Ascending” in the header. From print runs of 130 to 1, serial numbers are identical to the card numbers. I.e., card #1 has a print run of 1, and card #130 has a print run of 130.

The print run strategy used on 2003 Fleer Genuine parallels is the same one used on 1998 E-X2001 Essential Credentials Future and Now parallels. I think this is an interesting set but I do think parallel identification could have been more distinguishable. Common effective strategies include changing the background colors, borders, or font styles. Any of which make parallel differentiation a snap. 2003 Fleer Genuine isn’t as easy to identify and requires a greater deal of attention to detail, which may not always be simple to some. Aside from that gripe, this is actually another excellent release by the Fleer brand.

This set receives minimal hobby interest and continues to fly well under the radar. If you’re looking to dive into something somewhat obscure but with a familiar concept, try a box of 2003 Fleer Genuine baseball cards.

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Set Information:

Important Date(s)
July 2003S1 (1-130) Release Date
December 2003S2 (131-145) Release Date
2003 Fleer Genuine

2003 Fleer Genuine is a two-series, 145-card set. S1 (1-130) was issued in 5-card packs with an SRP of $5.00 and came 24 packs per box and 12 boxes per case. Cards from S2 (131-145) were inserted into packs of Fleer Rookies and Greats.

SetTotal CardsPrint Run(s)Odds
Base1451-100 /-
101-130 /799
131-145 /1000
131-145: Rookies and Greats
Reflections Ascending1301-130
Reflections Descending1301-130
Article Insider Game Jersey25Up to 3001:24
Article Insider Game Jersey Tag1910
Article Insider Game Jersey Autographs2165-170
Article Insider Game Jersey Autographs VIP Blue250
Article Insider Game Jersey Autographs VIP Red3100
Longball Threats151:8
Longball Threats Single Swatch25Up to 4501:13
Longball Threats Dual Swatch111:72
Longball Threats Dual Patch1136-100
Tools of the Game151:20
Tools of the Game Bat81:42
Tools of the Game Bat-Jersey8250
Tools of the Game Bat-Jersey-Cap8100
2003 Fleer Genuine

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