2006 Bowman Sterling Baseball Cards

Carlos Quentin 2006 Bowman Sterling #BS-CQ Gold Refractor /10
Carlos Quentin 2006 Bowman Sterling #BS-CQ Gold Refractor /10

2006 Bowman Sterling is a mid-to-high end Topps product that features a beautiful etched design. I really like the Gold Refractors because they have a small print run, were released in cases, and scan really well. I bought this Carlos Quentin on January 3, 2022 for just $8.99. Back in 2006 when Quentin was just coming up and heavily prospected, I imagine this card would’ve been worth much more. It’s nice to reminisce about years past to think about what could have been.

Something else that makes 2006 Bowman Sterling stand out is that it’s not stuffed to the brim with insert sets like many releases that came before it that decade. This set contains a modest number of cards and associated parallels and that’s it. Sealed boxes, when available, sell for premiums.

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2006 Bowman Sterling
2006 Bowman Sterling

Set Information:

2006 Bowman Sterling is a 117-card set released in January 2007 and issued in 5-card packs with an SRP of $50/pk and came 6 packs per box and 8 boxes per case. The set contains a mix of relic and autographed cards of rookies and veterans.

Important Date(s)
January 2007Release Date
December 31, 2008Exchange Deadline
2006 Bowman Sterling
SetTotal CardsPrint Run(s)Odds
Base117GU Vet: 1:4 H
AU-GU: 1:4 H
AU RC: 1:4 H
Refractor117199GU Vet: 1:7 H
RC: 1:6 H
AU RC: 1:5 H
AU-GU RC: 1:20 H
Black Refractor11725GU Vet: 1:8 Boxes
RC: 1:8 Boxes
AU-GU RC: 1:26 Boxes
Gold Refractor50101:18 Boxes
Red Refractor1171GU Vet: 1:199 Boxes
RC: 1:182 Boxes
AU-GU RC: 1:610 Boxes
Printing Plates Black5811:23 Boxes
Printing Plate Cyan5811:23 Boxes
Printing Plate Magenta5811:23 Boxes
Printing Plate Yellow5811:23 Boxes
Original Autographs461-233Group A: 1:356 Boxes
Group B: 1:90 Boxes
Group C: 1:45 Boxes
Group D: 1:8 Boxes
2006 Bowman Sterling

To see what’s currently on eBay from 2006 Bowman Sterling, click here.


*: Gold Refractor parallel was made of this card
^: CMYK Printing Plates were released for this card

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
BS-ADAdam Dunn JsyBS-JK*^Jeff Karstens RC
BS-AE^Andre Ethier AU (RC)BS-JL*^James Loney (RC)
BS-AERAlex Rodriguez BatBS-JLB^Josh Barfield AU (RC)
BS-AJAndruw Jones JsyBS-JM*^Jeff Mathis (RC)
BS-ALRAnthony Reyes Jsy AU (RC)BS-JP*^Jonathan Papelbon (RC)
BS-ALS*^Alay Soler RCBS-JRHRich Harden Jsy
BS-APAlbert Pujols JsyBS-JS*^James Shields RC
BS-AP2Albert Pujols BatBS-JTJack Taschner Jsy AU (RC)
BS-AP5Alfonso Soriano BatBS-JTA*^Jordan Tata RC
BS-ARAramis Ramirez Bat UERBS-JTLJon Lester Jsy AU RC
BS-AS*^Anibal Sanchez (RC)BS-JV*^Justin Verlander (RC)
BS-BA*^Brian Anderson (RC)BS-JW*^Jered Weaver (RC)
BS-BB*^Brian Bannister (RC)BS-JZ*^Joel Zumaya (RC)
BS-BLBobby Livingston Jsy AU (RC)BS-KF*^Kevin Frandsen (RC)
BS-BBBarry Bonds BatBS-KJ*^Kenji Johjima RC
BS-BON*^Boof Bonser (RC)BS-KM*^Kendry Morales (RC)
BS-BRBrian Roberts JsyBS-LBLance Berkman Jsy
BS-BZ*^Ben Zobrist (RC)BS-LM^Lastings Milledge AU (RC)
BS-CBCarlos Beltran JsyBS-LWJChipper Jones Jsy
BS-CB2Carlos Beltran BatBS-MCMiguel Cabrera Jsy
BS-CCChris Carpenter JsyBS-MC2Miguel Cabrera Bat
BS-CHCole Hamels Jsy AU (RC)BS-MCC*^Melky Cabrera (RC)
BS-CHJ*^Chuck James (RC)BS-MCMMickey Mantle Bat
BS-CIChris Iannetta Jsy AU RCBS-MCTMark Teixeira Bat
BS-CJ*^Conor Jackson (RC)BS-MEMorgan Ensberg Jsy
BS-CJJ*^Casey Janssen RCBS-MJPMike Piazza Bat
BS-CQ*^Carlos Quentin (RC)BS-MK*^Matt Kemp (RC)
BS-CRB*^Chad Billingsley (RC)BS-MMMark Mulder Pants
BS-CRH*^Craig Hansen RCBS-MNMike Napoli Jsy AU RC
BS-CSCurt Schilling JsyBS-MPMartin Prado Jsy AU (RC)
BS-DG*^David Gassner (RC)BS-MPP*^Mike Pelfrey RC
BS-DODavid Ortiz BatBS-MRManny Ramirez Jsy
BS-DP*^David Pauley (RC)BS-MR2Manny Ramirez Bat
BS-DU*^Dan Uggla (RC)BS-MS*^Matt Smith (RC)
BS-DWDavid Wright JsyBS-MTMiguel Tejada Pants
BS-DWWDontrelle Willis JsyBS-NM*^Nick Markakis (RC)
BS-ECEric Chavez PantsBS-PFPrince Fielder Jsy AU (RC)
BS-EG*^Enrique Gonzalez (RC)BS-PKPaul Konerko Bat
BS-FG*^Franklin Gutierrez (RC)BS-PMPedro Martinez Pants
BS-FL*^Francisco Liriano (RC)BS-RCRobinson Cano Bat
BS-GSGrady Sizemore JsyBS-RHRyan Howard Jsy
BS-HBHank Blalock JsyBS-RK*^Ryan Garko (RC)
BS-HK1*^Howie Kendrick (RC)BS-RM*^Russ Martin (RC)
BS-HK2Howie Kendrick Jsy AUBS-RN^Ricky Nolasco AU (RC)
BS-HMHideki Matsui BatBS-RPRonny Paulino Jsy AU (RC)
BS-HP*^Hayden Penn (RC)BS-RZ*^Ryan Zimmerman (RC)
BS-HR*^Hanley Ramirez (RC)BS-SD*^Stephen Drew (RC)
BS-IK^Ian Kinsler AU (RC)BS-SM*^Scott Mathieson (RC)
BS-IRIvan Rodriguez JsyBS-SO*^Scott Olsen (RC)
BS-ISIchiro Suzuki JsyBS-SRScott Rolen Pants
BS-JASJohan Santana JsyBS-STScott Thorman Jsy AU (RC) EXCH
BS-JBJason Bulger Jsy AU (RC)BS-TGJ*^Tony Gwynn Jr. (RC)
BS-JBS*^Jeremy Sowers (RC)BS-THTodd Helton Jsy
BS-JCB^Jason Botts AU (RC)BS-TT*^Taylor Tankersley (RC)
BS-JD*^Joey Devine RCBS-VGVladimir Guerrero Jsy
BS-JDDJohnny Damon BatBS-WA*^Willy Aybar (RC)
BS-JHTJim Thome BatBS-YPYusmeiro Petit Jsy AU (RC)
BS-JI^Joe Inglett AU RCBS-ZM^Zach Miner AU (RC)
BS-JJ*^Josh Johnson (RC)
2006 Bowman Sterling

Original Autographs:

It should be firmly noted that the market is flooded with forgeries of Bowman Original buyback autographs. Even if you find an example that’s in the following checklist, you should be extremely cautious with the transaction. Due to the extensive and questionable nature of what’s floating around in the market, some collectors stay away from Bowman Original buybacks all together.

Card #Player(s)CardGroupPrint Run
BB1Barry Bonds05BB20
BB2Barry Bonds05BCBREFB1
BB3Barry Bonds06BB32
CJ1Chipper Jones98BC5
CJ2Chipper Jones01BC10
CJ3Chipper Jones02BC20
CJ4Chipper Jones02BCC20
CJ5Chipper Jones03BCC20
CJ6Chipper Jones04BHC20
CJ7Chipper Jones05BC20
CJ9Chipper Jones99BC7
CJ10Chipper Jones93BC6
JD1Johnny Damon96BC2
JD2Johnny Damon97BC1
JD3Johnny Damon98BC1
JD4Johnny Damon01BBC1
JD5Johnny Damon02BC47
JD6Johnny Damon02BCC22
JD7Johnny Damon02BHC1
JD8Johnny Damon03BC1
JD9Johnny Damon03BHC1
JD10Johnny Damon04BHC25
JD11Johnny Damon06BC1
JM1Justin Morneau02BD199
JM2Justin Morneau06BD48
JNJoe NathanEXCH
JN1Joe Nathan99BD96
JN2Joe Nathan99BVARD6
JN3Joe Nathan99BCD22
JN4Joe Nathan99BVARD1
JN5Joe Nathan00BD54
JN6Joe Nathan00BTVD15
JN7Joe Nathan00BCD36
JN8Joe Nathan00BCREFD1
JN9Joe Nathan01BD61
JN10Joe Nathan01BGD8
JP1Jonathan Papelbon03BDD71
JP2Jonathan Papelbon06BD225
JP3Jonathan Papelbon06BGD2
JV1Justin Verlander05BDD233
JV2Justin Verlander05BDGD8
JV3Justin Verlander06BD59
MG1Marcus Giles00BB9
MG2Marcus Giles01BB10
MG3Marcus Giles01BCB20
MR1Manny Ramirez97BA9
2006 Bowman Sterling Original Autographs

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