1999 Metal Universe Linchpins Baseball Cards

Frank Thomas 1999 Metal Universe Linchpins #6
Frank Thomas 1999 Metal Universe Linchpins #6

The 1999 Metal Universe Linchpins are great looking cards. I had never seen these until I stumbled upon this one a few months ago. The die-cuts of the little linchpins in the background really present this card beautifully when viewed in the light. The design is simple yet classic. No nonsense, just a sunburst explosion of yellow, orange and red with the player being the centerpiece. This card isn’t serial numbered but given the odds of pulling one of these, I’m assuming a low print run.


There are 10 cards in the set, each with an insert ratio of 1:360 packs. Given secondary market research, let’s assume an SRP of $1.49/pack. In order to pull a linchpin of any player with the stated odds and the given SRP/pack, you would have to spend just over $536! Let’s extrapolate that to odds of pulling your favorite player, say Mr. Frank Thomas here. In order to pull the Frank Thomas linchpin insert, you would have to buy 3600 packs of 1999 Metal. Cost? $5,364!!! Consider these stats next time you happen to run across a card from the 1999 Metal Universe Linchpins set and hope you don’t have to pay that much.

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Set Information:

Total CardsOdds
1999 Metal Universe Linchpins


Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
1Mike Piazza6Frank Thomas
2Mark McGwire7Derek Jeter
3Kerry Wood8Chipper Jones
4Ken Griffey Jr.9Cal Ripken Jr.
5Greg Maddux10Alex Rodriguez
1999 Metal Universe Linchpins


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