1996 Select En Fuego Baseball Cards

1996 Select En Fuego1996 Select is a sleeper. It’s got some amazing stuff going for it. Not only does it feature its signature Artist’s Proof parallel set, but the inserts are incredibly attractive. Select was another arm of Pinnacle so it shared a lot of the same technologies. In this case, the 1996 Select En Fuego (Spanish for “On Fire”) set features the classic and always impressive dufex technology. This is the one and only time the En Fuego name would be released under the Pinnacle brand. It was and still is a stunner, however.

As far as design goes, this is another release that firmly draws my attention. The colors are beautifully chosen and placed. I really like the red, black and yellow on this card. The dufex technology with its surface etching design, as it does with other Pinnacle releases, really makes the color palette pop. These cards were inserted into packs at a rate of 1:48. Akin to the era, this 25-card set features superstar talent exclusively.

Long before Topps popularized the concept of including non-athletes in its releases with its every popular installments of Allen & Ginter, Pinnacle included ESPN Sportscaster, Dan Patrick in this set. Patrick provided commentary on each player on the respective card backs. I think this is a fun addition to the set. Welcome, Dan; thanks for joining the roster.

Of the names listed in this set from 1996 Select Baseball, which one draws an instant memory for you and what is the memory?

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