1990 Donruss Baseball Errors Checklist

The scan depicted was produced back in April of 2012 before I upgraded my scanner and watermark. This particular image was originally put together to share on the forum before it was archived. Here we are some 11 years later to the month and it’s being put to use here on the blog. In case you’re wondering, the scanner I used to produce this image was the Canon CanoScan LiDE 100. This model has since been updated but I’m pretty sure it still produces bright vibrant images for flat cards such as those in 1990 Donruss.

Brian Downing 1990 Donruss #10 B&A
Brian Downing 1990 Donruss #10 B&A

1990 Donruss is the perfect example of a junk wax era set: bight colors, Saved By The Bell design features, sweet player roster, elusive sample cards, Diamond Kings, and a run of excellent error cards of which there are a ton. Below is the complete checklist of said error cards. All are relatively easy to locate and given the volume printed, they’re also very affordable.

What’s Not Included in this Checklist:

  • Uncorrected Errors (UERs): These include minor typos on card backs and/or fronts. Since these cards were never corrected, they’re just the standard cards in the set.
  • Blank/Wrong Fronts/Backs: Examples beyond what’s stated are manufacturing scrap and weren’t issued in packs.
  • Period/No Period after INC: Card backs have the INC statement. Some feature a period after INC and some don’t. These variations are found in most Donruss/Leaf sets from the junk wax era. It’s likely these are the result of different runs approved by different groups of people in the manufacturing facility. Despite what people say, these aren’t rare; they’re likely produced in similar/same quantities. They’re also not errors but subtle variations. They’re fun to collect but values are no different between them.

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Errors Checklist:

Card #Player(s)Error
3ARuben Sierra DKNo black strip along top back border
10ABrian Downing DKReverse Negative (batting left-handed)
33AJuan Gonzalez RCReverse Negative (batting left-handed)
100AChecklistDepicts cards 28-129
113AKelly GruberBorn February 22
168ADale MurphyBlack line crossing ‘D’ in Dale on front
170AKirk McCaskillBorn April 19
200AChecklistDepicts cards 130-231
217AScott GarreltsBorn October 20
300AChecklistDepicts cards 232-333
400AChecklistDepicts cards 334-435
405ASergio ValdezBlack line crossing ‘S’ in Sergio on front
500AChecklistDepicts cards 436-537
523AAndy NezelekBorn October 24, 1985
583AKevin HickeyBlack line crossing ‘K’ in Kevin on front
600AChecklistDepicts cards 538-639
637ATerry Steinbach ASRecent Major League Performance
639AJack MorrisBlack line crossing ‘J’ in Jack on front
650ABo Jackson ASRecent Major League Performance
654AHoward JohnsonRecent Major League Performance
659ANolan RyanKing of Kings front; 5000 K’s back
660AHarold Baines ASRecent Major League Performance; Black line through star on front
660BHarold Baines ASAll-Star Game Performance; Black line through star on front
660CHarold Baines ASRecent Major League Performance; Black line behind star on front
663ARick Reuschel ASRecent Major League Performance
665ANolan Ryan5000 K’s front; King of Kings back
665CNolan RyanKing of Kings w/ No Card Number (factory set)
673ARuben Sierra ASRecent Major League Performance
674APedro Guerrero ASRecent Major League Performance
676ACal Ripken Jr. ASRecent Major League Performance
683AKirby Puckett ASRecent Major League Performance
692ARyne Sandberg ASRecent Major League Performance
695AEric Davis ASRecent Major League Performance
697AMark McGwire ASRecent Major League Performance
700AChecklistDepicts cards 640-715 and BC1-BC26
700CChecklistDepicts cards 618-716
701AJulio Franco ASRecent Major League Performance
703ADave Stewart ASRecent Major League Performance
705ATony Gwynn ASRecent Major League Performance
707AWill Clark ASRecent Major League Performance
708ABenito Santiago ASRecent Major League Performance
710AOzzie Smith ASRecent Major League Performance
712AWade Boggs ASRecent Major League Performance
715AKevin Mitchell ASRecent Major League Performance
4Mark McGwire GSNo black strip on right side of back border
4Mark McGwire GSBreak in second black bar below Donruss logo
8Todd Benzinger GSRed Star
BC-12AJohn Smoltz MVPPhoto is Tom Glavine
1990 Donruss Errors

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1990 Donruss, click here.


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