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Travis Lee 2004 Throwback Threads Player Threads #PT-73 Prime /25
Travis Lee 2004 Throwback Threads Player Threads #PT-73 Prime /25

2004 Throwback Threads Player Threads features 1, 2, or 3 window relic cards across up to 75 cards. The base set contains one full parallel set and one partial parallel set. 2004 was ripe with relic cards issued by nearly all of the then active manufacturers. It was so popular that it prompted the decline in interest of relic cards. However, some interesting sets came out of this era and this is one of them. Like many sets from its time, this one is complex. It features different designs and partial parallel sets with print runs all over the place, which makes it a challenging run to chase depending on who you collect.

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Set Information:

SetTotal CardsPrint Run(s)Odds
Base75250Overall GU: 1:8
Prime7510-25Overall GU: 1:8
Signature283-25Overall GU: 1:8
2004 Throwback Threads Player Threads


Signature parallels were made for 28 of the 75 cards in the set. The players who have cards in the Signature parallel run are noted with an asterisk in the checklist.

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
PT-1Aaron BoonePT-39Junior Spivey*
PT-2Alex Rodriguez*PT-40Kenny Lofton
PT-3Andres GalarragaPT-41Kevin Millwood
PT-4Aramis Ramirez*PT-42Manny Ramirez*
PT-5Bartolo ColonPT-43Mark Grace*
PT-6Ben GrievePT-44Mike Hampton
PT-7Brad FullmerPT-45Mike Piazza*
PT-8Bret BoonePT-46Milton Bradley
PT-9Brian GilesPT-47Moises Alou
PT-10Brian JordanPT-48Nick Johnson
PT-11Byung-Hyun KimPT-49Nolan Ryan*
PT-12Casey FossumPT-50Preston Wilson*
PT-13Cesar IzturisPT-51Rafael Palmeiro*
PT-14Chan Ho ParkPT-52Ray Durham
PT-15Charles JohnsonPT-53Reggie Jackson*
PT-16Cliff FloydPT-54Reggie Sanders
PT-17Darryl Strawberry*PT-55Rich Aurilia*
PT-18David OrtizPT-56Richie Sexson
PT-19David WellsPT-57Rickey Henderson*
PT-20Derrek LeePT-58Rickey Henderson*
PT-21Dmitri YoungPT-59Robert Fick
PT-22Edgardo AlfonzoPT-60Roberto Alomar*
PT-23Ellis BurksPT-61Roberto Alomar*
PT-24Gary Sheffield*PT-62Robin Ventura*
PT-25Hee Seop ChoiPT-63Rondell White
PT-26Ivan RodriguezPT-64Ryan Klesko
PT-27J.D. DrewPT-65Sean Casey
PT-28Javier Vazquez*PT-66Shannon Stewart*
PT-29Jay Payton*PT-67Shawn Green*
PT-30Jeff KentPT-68Shea Hillenbrand*
PT-31Jeromy BurnitzPT-69Steve Carlton*
PT-32Jim ThomePT-70Terrence Long
PT-33Joe Kennedy*PT-71Tony Batista
PT-34Joe TorrePT-72Travis Hafner*
PT-35Jose Cruz Jr.PT-73Travis Lee
PT-36Juan EncarnacionPT-74Vladimir Guerrero*
PT-37Juan Gonzalez*PT-75Wes Helms
PT-38Juan Pierre
2004 Throwback Threads Player Threads

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