1954 Braves Johnston Cookies Baseball Cards

Warren Spahn 1954 Braves Johnston Cookies #21
Warren Spahn 1954 Braves Johnston Cookies #21

1954 Braves Johnston Cookies is a 35-card tall-boy set measuring in at 2″x3-7/8.” With the exception of Dr. Charles Lacks and Joseph Taylor whose cards both lack card numbers, card numbering is assigned based on the player’s jersey number, which makes this a skip-numbered set. Due to an early-season injury (which resulted in regular play for Hank Aaron), Bob Thompson’s card was pulled early in the production cycle, which accounts for its rarity. Notable stars in the set include: Warren Spahn, Eddie Mathews, and Hank Aaron (rookie year) whose card number is 5 indicating he wore number 5 at the time instead of his typical 44, which he switched to shortly after this set was released. At the time of this writing the PSA population report for the 1954 Braves Johnston Cookies Hank Aaron is 277 while the PSA population report for the 1954 Topps Hank Aaron is 5916. Even though the less popular 1954 Braves Johnston Cookies Hank Aaron has a much smaller graded population, it’s significantly more affordable than his 1954 Topps RC. The catalog number for this set is D356-2.

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Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
1Del Crandall24Charlie White
3Jim Pendleton27George Metkovich
4Danny O’Connell28Johnny Cooney CO
5Hank Aaron29Paul Burris
6Jack Dittmer31Bucky Walters CO
9Joe Adcock32Ernie Johnson
10Bob Buhl33Lou Burdette
11Phil Paine34Bobby Thomson SP
12Ben Johnson35Bob Keely
13Sibbi Sisti38Bill Bruton
15Charles Gorin40Charlie Grimm MG
16Chet Nichols41Eddie Mathews
17Dave Jolly42Sam Calderone
19Jim Wilson47Joey Jay
20Ray Crone48Andy Pafko
21Warren Spahn49Dr. Charles Lacks (Unnumbered)
22Gene Conley50Joseph F. Taylor (Unnumbered)
23Johnny Logan
1954 Braves Johnston Cookies

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